Thursday, July 30, 2009

*** New In The Shop: Summer Blues

When it gets this hot, you need some blue to cool off...

Heather T., Summer Blues

and a layout or two:

Heather Taylor, Sunset on Cape Perpetua

Sunset on Cape Perpetua: Our walk the other night... =) Everything from my Summer Blues kit @ Pixel Canvas, except for the tag from Chinoiserie. Font: Handscript Upright.

Tracy Little (5Angels):

Sandrine (timounette):

And here's another layout of mine that I made for Vinnie Pearce's new kit, Peach Hill (also out later today, I presume):

Wonder Always: Everything from Pixel Canvas. Fairy & light spots mine from (no kidding) Faery Lights. Everything else by Vinnie Pearce, mostly from Peach Hill, except for the moon brad thingie (Night Bird, recolored) and the flower mask (Grunge Floral Masks 01). Font: Batik Regular.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

New In The Shop: Urbanhood (Pixel Canvas)

W00t! We had a few difficulties and challenges this weekend with the site and computers, but the new kit is finally out!

Heather T., Urbanhood

A few layouts from the CT:

Julie K.:



and mine:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Templates: 07.21

$1.00 today @ Gotta Pixel!

You get a layered template (or 1 .png file), but the .psd file includes the hand-painted paper, 2 frames, ribbon, and hand-painted tag... quick, fun layout!

Heather T., Tuesday Templates: 07.21

Monday, July 20, 2009

A couple of cards...

I was experimenting tonight with gold on black...

Heather T, Black & Gold Courtesan

Stamp by Art Neko

I found that embossing in black on black cardstock was way cool, and the best gold coverage I could find was using a credit card to spread Golden Acrylics over the embossed image. When I used a lightly corrugated black-striped cardstock, I got this cool ripple effect...

The other card I really liked was this one:

Heather Taylor, Pearl-Ex Woman

Stamp by Non Sequitur

Here I mixed Pearl-Ex powders with a dab of Golden Matte Gel, and just painted it on. I really liked seeing it go a bit free form...

*** NEW: Sweet! (and it's 30% off!)

A totally cute little mini-pack with little animals and bugs and old window frame and lots of handmade doodles, now available at Gotta Pixel, 30% off!:

Heather T., Sweet

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Red Dot Sale!

Red Dot Sale

Check it out! Much of my stuff is on sale, including the two new items in the shop today, Stitched 1 and Brad Me 1:

Heather T., Stitched 1

Heather T., Brad Me 1

Those only come out after Vinnie wakes up on Friday morning, though--so they'll be out in a couple of hours =)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

3rd Typography Challenge @ Pixel Canvas

This is the layout I created for the third typography challenge at Pixel Canvas: bringing focus to a part or element of the layout by using sequential indentation (adding and subtracting spaces at the beginning or end of lines).

Heather Taylor, Your Itty Bitty Nose

Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Shop, and New In The Shop!

Hehehe =) I'm so very pleased to be selling now at Gotta Pixel:

Now Selling at Gotta Pixel . com!

And in honor of this, everything's 30% off! Plus, I've been working on this new kit, Painted Petals, and it's done:

Heather T., Painted Petals

Whee!!! And I've made a couple of layouts:

For the July Blueprints Challenge @ Gotta Pixel; template by Brenda (Tbog).

Credits: Everything by Heather T. @ Gotta Pixel. Papers from Luxuriant, Touch of Ginkgo, and the Gotta Grab It (July 09) Paper pack. Alpha, dragonfly, and button from Touch of Ginkgo. Star from the GGI Element Pack. "Fun in the Sun" button from By The Sea. Font: CAC Shishoni Brush. "Summertime... is when the hood is down and the raincoat is off" -- when you live at the Coast, at least!

Everything with the Gotta Grab It (July 09) Element & Paper Pack @ Gotta Pixel. Fonts: Angelina & Clearface Black SSI.

Come visit, please! =)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New In The Shop: Softer Side

Check out this lovely:

Heather T., Softer Side

And some layouts:

So You, by Me (*giggles*):

Heather Taylor, So You

So Soft, by Tracy Little:

Ms. Speedy, by Julie K.

Soft As A Baby's..., by Kim

And... big news on Saturday!

My New Creative Team

It's finally slowed down enough that I can write a few blog posts to catch you up. I had a very successful CT call, and was so pleased to welcome the following artists into my CT:

Cheryl (Gonewiththewind):

Annette (vdannette):

Lorell (Carrottop):


Natalka (natalka174):

Karen (justk):


Valérie (mihiana):

Alice (juliegoodgirl)

Those are the new guys... but there are a few more power artists from the first team who are still willing to bear with me:

Julie K. (juliekintaiwan):

Sandrine (timounette):

Stéphanie (Soleen):

and finally, Katherine (Aussiekat):

I'm so happy and greatful that they're using my stuff to make such cool layouts! Thanks team!