Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Latest Creation...

An amethyst wire-worked necklace! 

Here's a close-up during the process:

And here's the finished product!

Sure is nice to have a couple of days of vacation from the computer... =)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Freebie for You!

I've been wrapping presents for relatives 3000 miles away ALL DAY, and I needed some gift tags. So if you need some too, just click on the image below and it'll download straight onto your device. Either print the .jpg (you can put it in a Word document), or use the .psd/.tiff files to make your own colors!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ho, Ho, Ho: HOT!

I have been working HARD on this kit--and it's ironic that while it was being finalized, the coldest temperatures I've ever seen on the coast were freezing me in my little office! This is for all my friends downunder, and all those who have to suffer balmy breezes and warm seas during the holiday season. It's available at MScraps:

 Wordart & Brushes:


More illustrations:


And layouts! By Astrid:

A couple by Jo-Anne, who lives in New Zealand:

By Margje:

A couple by Ona (who lives in Oz):

By Jenn, who lives in the depths of the Canadian Winter:

And by Ulla-May, who escapes the depths of her Scandinavian winters by fleeing to Spain:

I had lots of fun drawing these--hope you enjoy scrapping with them!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

What a weekend!

We had a lovely trip up to Washington for the Thanksgiving holiday, which we spent with old friends and their family. Got to catch a view of Mt. Hood on the way:

 If you do Thanksgiving, I hope you had a wonderful one! And in the meantime, shopping opportunities abound! I have so much new stuff and sales this weekend--I don't know how I managed to pull it all together, really. First, a new kit called Spice Of Life (all in nice autumnal colors, too):

In addition, I made 3 clusters which are only offered as a Free-With-Purchase (over $5.00) deal:

And, I put up 2 new freebies on my Facebook Design by Heather T. page: Templates (under the PU tab) and a mask (under the CU tab, but it can be used for personal use too, of course):

To add to all this, I have a new little mini Black Friday Stash kit! The deal on these is that you can get each for $2.39, or mix and match 5 for $10! Here's mine:

Plus (I know, it doesn't end! *laugh*), I'm retiring a bunch of my kits and element packs. They'll be here through Cyber Monday, but then they're gone. I've placed them at 58% off for the most part, but if you buy 4 of them, you'll get an extra 50% off.

And if you've hung around this long, you'll love looking at these gorgeous pages by my talented CT crew:

By Alex:

By Astrid:

 By Fu:

By Jennifer Lynn:

By Jo-Anne:

By Sandrine:

By Ulla-May:

Thursday, November 21, 2013

More Splishy Splashy Goodness: CU/PU Overlays & Masks 5!

Man, the CT went to town on this one! Here are my commercial/personal use Overlays & Masks 5:

Some awesome layouts:

By Astrid:

 By Fu:

 By Linda:

 By Ona:

By Jo-Anne:

Of course they come in color, and as grayscale, AND as .abr, and they're 20% off through Sunday. Tons of fun to play with!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Christmas Silhouettes!

In a flurry of activity, I have come up with Christmas silhouettes based on vintage illustrations, and called the collection "Noel". If you're looking for the personal use edition, go to MScraps; the commercial use is over at Scrapflower in 2 packs, and includes vectors.

The CT of course made some great pages!

By Astrid:

By Fu:

By Jenn:

By Jo-Anne:

By Julie:

 And by Karen:

And of course they're 20% off through Sunday!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Overlapped Emotions & Dates

Was browsing through a typography book, and got inspired to make these:

Overlapped Dates

and then I inspired myself (*lol*) and came up with the Overlapped Emotions:

And the crew made some way fun pages, too!

By Astrid:

By Jo-Anne:

By Susanne:

 By Jenn:

 By Jenny:

By Sandrine:
So much fun to be had with these! Sure hope you have a great weekend... =)