Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sale! Sale! Sale! & Some New Stuff!

At Pixel Canvas, I have the holidays all spruced up and be-glittered for you, with this large mini-kit, Sparkly:

Sparkly is on double sale: marked down for an intro offer, PLUS it has the store-wide Black Friday sale markdown overtop!

And, over at Two Little Pixels, a collab with the fun and fantastic Cherpea, called Warm Christmas (also on introductory sale):

So, all kinds of spirit flying about here--plenty to go get your festive on!

Additionally, most of my stuff at Gotta Pixel will be 30% off this entire weekend, plus CyberMonday. Gotta get it!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Basic Photo Retouching

I had a great little chat this morning over at Gotta Pixel, and as part of my class I prepared these very brief little handouts, which I'm happy to share with anyone! Let there be no more dark photos! *lol*

Here are a few links for .pdf files with screen shots & examples--just pick the one you work with:


Friday, November 20, 2009

Gotta Pixel Birthday Blog Train (Freebie)!

This month, Gotta Pixel is celebrating its 4th birthday. And we have been having a blast with all the exciting events going on, but we are also giving away over $2,000 worth of Prizes! Each week new things are being given out, and new events going on, and this week is nothing short of it! We are kicking off this weekend with a HUGE Blog train! And its just for YOU! The entire team has collab'ed together to bring you an amazing shabby chic collection with something sure for everyone! This just kicks off the events we have listed here, as well as the Grab Bag Event going on, that is packed full of savings.

Here is my gift to you for our Blog Train (click on the image to get the freebie):

This is just one stop on your blog trip. Here is a list of all the participating blogs that have something special waiting for you, The links will remain active on these blogs until 22nd of November at 11:59 pm EST. Should you get lost along your way, you can always visit here, or the Gotta Pixel Blog for complete list of participants:

Gotta Pixel:
Liz :
KarenS (Alpha):
Karen Lewis :
Kristmess Designs :
Sara Ellis:
Crisdam Designs:
Heather T. : (You are here)

Laura Burger:
Sarah :
Connie Prince:
Kathryn Estry:
Marta Van Eck :
Jennifer Barrette :
Colie's Corner:
Elka Romero :
Julie Marie :
Captivated Visions :
Doohikey Designs:
Cherie Shields:
Creations by Rachael:
Lorie M :
Leigh :
Dana :
Kerri :

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Owl Play!

I was inspired by the Creative Inspiration blog and their link to the Isak Blog to make this fun owl-themed, playful kit, now available at Two Little Pixels where I'm the guest designer for a month! Soooo many fun things happening in this kit:

Great colors for both boys and girls, and tons of unique elements, including a paper with color blocks that comes with a separate mask for clipping your photos to. Kit contains:

-12 unique patterned and/or textured papers
-1 "paper" and photomask
-4 borders: 2 page borders, and two "regular" ones
-1 bow
-8 brads
-4 brushes
-1 string doodle
-1 set of numbers (written out), + year/s, month/s, "old", "play" wordart
-2 flowers and 1 flower spray
-2 frames
-1 heart
-3 realistic leaves
-3 separate little owls
-3 ribbons
-1 plain staple, 1 warped staple with shadow
-1 owl in a tree sticker
-3 sets of stitching, each with and without shadowing/holes
-2 tags

And here are a couple of my CT's layouts:

By Karen:

By Soleen:

By Natalka:

and by Jen:

whose layout somehow crept into my subconscious and flavored my own!

I hope you have lots of fun with this one!

Basic Photo Retouching Chat

I'm going to be hosting a "How To" chat on the 21st (8-9 am PST, 11 am EST), in the Gotta Pixel chatroom. I think it's going to be a somewhat guided class on basic photo retouching and manipulation, from straight out of the camera/scanner to straight into the layout. Everybody should bring one digital photo, and their program of choice!

Speaking of which, if you're interested in participating, it would be super-helpful for me to know which photo-editing program you're working with--you can just reply to this post to let me know. Thanks! I look forward to chatting with everybody!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vinnie Pearce's Jingles Collection @ CatScrap

Vinnie has a beautiful holiday kit out called Jingles, at CatScrap. Get it here!

For my layout, I used all Vinnie Pearce products from CatScrap: Background paper (which includes the title) from the Typography Papers of the Jingles Collection. Overlay from Playing In The Snow; string and glazed glass leaves and flowers from Placid; turquoise & red flowers from Jingles. Font: Downcome.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sneak Peek

Coming at Two Little Pixels this Friday (Oz time):

Hehehehe =) I'm well-pleased with this one, t(wit tw)oo...

Pixel Canvas Update

Vinnie just made an announcement on Facebook about Pixel Canvas--this is what she says:

Hi guys, just letting you know that we are close to being on our new server. If you visit the site right now you will find things not working or uploading. That's because you are looking at the old site and the database has moved. When we have our old site back, expect all your images and forum post taken back a few weeks. The reason for this is that a copy of our site was downloaded at a certain point (weeks ago) then uploaded to a new server and the new server can not reflect any of the changes to the old server, like gallery posts and forum threads made after the download point ... confused? LOL!

Once we are on our new server I will be introducing a new group system. There have been too many pages uploaded for the last few months from members who are only there to promote other designers products, and that's not what I want the gallery to be about. SO yes there will be moderation on all members except those that have shown loyalty to PC products and community. These members have no moderation and limit of 5 gallery posts a day, using 70%-100% PC items. There's also another group level they can work towards where they have a limit of 15 gallery posts a day, lifetime discount on all PC items, free gift every month - exclusive to those members. (conditions and rules apply.) More details on that later. ;)

I hope you can understand where I am coming from and continue to be loyal members to Pixel Canvas. Thanks again for sticking by.

Friday, November 13, 2009


With the new kit, Stone & Lace:

I'm A Guest!!!

Over at Two Little Pixels! With a beautiful new kit (sez she, modestly *cough*)!

Meet Stone And Lace:

Heather T., Stone And Lace

-10 sumptuously textured and patterned papers
-3 unique frames, including a stone bay window
-3 vellum flowers (with and without shadows for your convenience)
-1 floral spray and 3 dried flowers
-2 satin and lace flowers
-1 stone birdbath, 1 set of river stepping stones, and 1 stone wall
-1 cup, 1 jeweled peacock, 1 intricate shell, 1 white picket fence, 1 lace ruffle
-1 set of 3D swirls
-1 full page overlay, 1 colored overlay, 1 photomask
-1 house number "tag"
-1 stained glass button
-3 pieces of wordart

AND, it's on sale for... (I forget how long *lol*)!

Wheeeee! And there will be a collab too--next week, perhaps?--with Cherpea Designs. Look for something... warm!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Tuesday... it's another $1.00 template!

Ridiculously cheap, if you ask me. ;)

And a layout, What Comes Out Of Your Mind:

Everything with my Tuesday Template at Gotta Pixel for 11.10! Font: Black Boys On Mopeds. Journaling reads: "I just love this kitty. He's exuberant and full of life, just like you--and just a little messy around the edges, too. Your drawing skills have really taken off these days, and you're graduating from the "just trains" stage into less technically complex, but more artistically complex subjects. It's really a joy to watch you deep in concentration, working so hard to get all the details JUST RIGHT, all your little swirls on the ends of everything, and how much attention you pay to staying within the lines. And then, I just listen to you explain everything, and I have to grin in sheer joy at your being, so full of life."

Nah, I'm not biased... ;)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy International Scrapbooking Day!

A little freebie for you... this plastic frame comes with a photo mat and a sheet of little labels to slide in each of the four slots (including a blank one, of course). The font I used is Butterbrotpapier, in case you want to duplicate it. Enjoy your scrapping this weekend! (just click on the photo to download the file)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

3 PM On A Warm, Sunny Afternoon

Or more commonly known as 3 PM: my new kit, based on my little flower drawings, is now in the shop! And, because it's International Scrapbooking Day, everything is on sale, including the new kit. So scoop it up already! The sale only lasts a couple of days, I think.

Here's the kit preview:

Heather T., 3 PM

And here, some layouts by other folks:

Tracy's Sweetness & Light:

Ulla-May's Beauty of a Woman:

and mine, Love (Jenny, aka justjen, graciously lent me her daughter to play with ;):

And here's the sale ad!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009