Thursday, February 24, 2011

In Your Own World

So here's the new kit:

Ain't she a beaut?? I think it's my largest kit ever, too--I need to downsize! *lol*

Amazing CT layouts:

By Sandrine:

By Romy:

By Vera:

By Jean:

By Ulla-May:

By Lisa:

By Julie:

and by me:

Don't forget, In Your Own World is 20% off through the weekend. Have a great one!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sneak Peek--and Give-away! (closed)

 ETA: And the winner is........

SOCO! Félicitations!! I'll send you the links via PM...

and now, go check out the real thing in the shop!

Thanks for playing everybody!!

Ooooh, looky what I have coming @ MScraps this Thursday/Friday... In Your Own World! It's a great kit for all your daydreamers, your distracted little geniuses, your perpetually story-telling son -- wait, that's mine. ;) Maybe you have one like him?

Anyway, I'd love to give this kit away to one of you. Tell me--as a child, were you ever lost in your own little world(s)? What do you remember about that? Let me know what it was like in a comment to this post, and Mr. Random will reward one of you with a rather large kit, come release time!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New in the MScraps Shop: Templates & Patterned Papers!

Big Lots and Simple: Papers, for scrapping all those bazillion pictures you take now that you have a digital camera yet can't throw away because they are, after all, little slices of life and those are really precious (and now I'm out of breath):

For the templates, I included not only all the little squares/circles, labeled by row and column, but also some larger shapes that will fit over parts of the templates cleanly (just delete the littler shapes beneath them, especially in the case of the circles).

Hope you like them! The CT crew went to town:

By Sandrine (with No Regrets & Funky Doodles papers):

By Lisa:

By Jen (with Boy Oh Boy):

By me:

By Romy:

By Vera:

By Julie:

and by Karen:

Have a great weekend everybody! Scrap lots and lots! Big Lots and Simple: Papers are of course on sale 20% till Monday.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trying to Cut Back

So, I've decided to stop selling at the DigiChick. My word of the year is "Relax"--not necessarily to just lounge around all the time (not sure when I've EVER done that! *lol*), but I need to stop being so tense. And trying to come up with new products for each shop is just being too wearing on me--I think my family really needs me to be a little more chilled out. Therefore, as of the end of February, I will be exclusive to MScraps. Yay! And boo.

In the meantime, here's your chance to pick up some of the DigiChick stuff at rock bottom prices, as I'll be retiring most of them for good.

Just a few:


Nobody faint now, here's an actual card, with actual stamping... *laugh*

Although the butterfly is from a kit of mine, printed onto sticker paper! (3PM, I think)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Totally inspired by Patricia Zapata and her awesome matchbox cutout, I created my own design and flung myself into my paper cabinet. I was lucky that I had some 6"x24" strips of paper that I won at an auction at California Paper Goods, back when I was buying some *serious* paper, so I could make a complete wrap-around box while keeping the height at 6". However, I am a complete math idiot, and due to numerous mistakes in calculations, failure to realize that a strip of paper with two different sides is bound to show both sides if you make a box, and other such marvelous indicators of dexterity--not to mention mounting the red heart piece UPSIDE DOWN at the last moment (thank goodness I hadn't used O'So Sticky Tape on the red paper)--anyway, despite all the fumbling, I managed to create a pretty ok little giftie for DH, don't you think?

I cut the design with my Xacto knife, in case you couldn't tell from the laser precision cuts in there.

Happy Valentine's, honey! (I think he reads this sometimes, heh)

(made with I'd Love To @ The DigiChick)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New @ MScraps: AlphaDates!

I think AlphaDates might be the last in this series for a while, cuz this was LOADS of work! But I love the result--and check out the gorgeous CT pages!


 By Romy:

By Ulla-May:

By Julie:
By Veer:

By Karen:

 By Sandrine:

 Are these not swoonable?? 20% till Monday, @ MScraps!

Meeeep! Lookie lookie!

I'm at the Daily Digi today, with my new kit Tendresse (which will be in the MScraps shop next month). I love the layouts their crew made, and the ones they picked from my talented team too. FUN!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Here's my newest kit at The DigiChick: Flower Bomb! It's a fun, lively, flower-filled creation with plenty of um, flowers--real ones, fake ones, brushes, frames, papers, you name it. And it will work just fine for Valentine's Day too!



The CT have of course been hard at work!

By Tracy:

By Romy:

By Olivia:

By Lisa:

By Vera:

By Karen:

Feelin' a little Spring comin' on, maybe?? Flower Bomb is of course 20% off through Friday (EST), at the DigiChick!