Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pure Delight!

I'm really happy to show you my newest kit, available at Funky Playground Designs, where I'm guesting, and at MScraps. This kit is mostly hand-drawn, so the elements, papers, patterns, etc. are totally unique! Flowing lines and geometrical shapes are inspired by Erté, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco--three of my favorites (there's Arts & Crafts, too, but another time). I sure hope you like it!




Oh, and the layouts, my goodness...

By Leilani:

By Sarah:

By Loni:

By Ulla-May:

By Julie:

By Jean:

By Jenny:

I have also re-released What A Mess and Grunge Frames 1 @ The DigiChick:

By Romy (with Grunge Frames 1 and Fall Whispers):

By Jen (with What A Mess & Paint Strokes 2 [coming next week to TDC]):

Of course all the new products are 20% off--so go nab 'em before they go off sale! And have a lovely weekend, too!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My new kit @ The DigiChick =) is "Give." Giving with love and gratitude is something that we humans CAN do, and perhaps need to do more of... So, Take the Time, to Give! I really had fun drawing all the little doodles--hope you like them too! And it's on sale through Friday, 20% off.

And some gorgeous layouts from the crew:

By Romy:

By Jen:

By Olivia:

By Vera:


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tickle Your Tuesday @ MScraps...

and a kick-off to retiring a few kits from there! (They'll go over to TDC, but not at the sale price ;).

Tuesday ONLY, get all of these 50% off @ MScraps. They'll be 35% off the rest of the week, then bye-bye! Making room for another kit I'm working on right now...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Take The Time (@ MScraps)

Ok, here's the big reveal of my newest kit @ MScraps! I'm SO impressed with the layouts everybody made--they're just phenomenal! Take the Time is of course 20% off through this weekend!! Here's the kit:

And now for the REAL beauty:

By Loni:

By Jen:

By Jean:

By Suzie (recolored out of deference to her boys, who for some reason, don't like pink--not a problem for Allen! *giggles*):

By Tinci:

By Diane:

By Romy:

and Ulla-May:

And man, I had to leave so many out!!! =(

AND, here's the winner of Take The Time:

"Lisa (dlhoffer) said...
This looks amazing, Heather, WOW!!!! I always take time to stop & listen when my children have something to tell me. They are only little for such a short time & even small things can be very important things to young ones & I want them to know that I value what they have to say. Thanks so much for the chance to win this beautiful kit :)
October 13, 2010 5:20 AM"

Thank you all so much for playing--Lisa, can you send me e-mail to 
Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

all gone bye bye sale

Just the products all gone bye bye. Not me. And not all the products, just some of them. This is my first retirement sale... my bayyyybeeeees!!!

Sneak Peek!

Oooh, this is a pretty one--you should see my CT layouts, and the MScraps team layouts! Scrumptious! And you'll be able to make pages just as lovely, with my new kit Take The Time, coming out @ MScraps this Friday (Thursday afternoon, US time).

Tell me, what do you take time out for? What's important enough for you to stop what you're doing, take a breath, and refocus? That's what this kit is all about... Leave me a response in the comments, and a lucky winner will get the kit for free!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Quibble

I wish I had a reply function to my comments! This is a quickie in response to something somebody posted on my Nanoo Nanoo post.

Anonymous said...

drop shadow tutorials for 2.5 + 3.5 $ = 6 $ ? just do a Google search and it's all for free
October 10, 2010 4:27 AM

Yep, you're not obligated to buy them at all! But they are expressly written for scrapbookers, and they're printable, and well-explained... *shrug* You could also Google on how to use Photoshop & Illustrator, and make your own kits! =) I'm sorry you feel like you have to comment anonymously, though. =(

I put as much work preparing the tutorial as I would to teach a class, and $2.50 and 3.50 is a tiny amount for what you'd pay for a class, eh? What's that, a coffee and a scone? But for me, this is my only income...

And look how much I -do- give away for free! This must be font weekend, here's another coming up (I still have to work on the thick and thin of the strokes, and I only painted the caps last night):

Anyway, be well everybody--enjoy the day you're living, as you'll never get it back!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

4 Cards

More with Copics--and yuzen washi. *bliss* These are all stamps of my design from Art Neko.

I guess I can mostly color inside the lines these days--but forget about keeping things straight! Good grief! ;)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Toil & Trouble Collab @ The Funky Playground Designs

Toil and Trouble, a cute collab at FPD! This is my layout (I have some elements & papers in the collab, too):

(Everything from the Toil and Trouble Collab @ Funky Playground Designs. Fonts: Chicken Basket & 39 Smooth.)

New new new noo noo noo! Nanoo nanoo?

(I'm losing it a bit. *lol*)

Ok. I have many many things for you, all of a delicious nature (and most of them are on sale for a couple of days). Firstly--a new tutorial! 251 - More On Drop Shadows expands on my first drop shadow tutorial (which covered the very basics). Here you'll learn how I did the shadow in this layout:

It's an intermediate tutorial, but it works in both CS+ and PSE, so come take a gander @ The DigiChick for that one!

Secondly, also at the DigiChick, is a re-release of Fall Whispers, which is a rich, luscious pean to Fall. Check it out:




I love the CT layouts (check out Jean's prose poem!):

By Vera:

By Jen:

And finally, a little tidbit for you @ the Funky Playground Designs where I'm guesting this month: Stitched 5! Swirlies, zigzags, and double stitched rows, as well as a mini-tutorial on how to recolor them.

Julie scrapped her adorably precious grandchild (with Stitched 5 & Funkadoodle):

Next week: doodles! =)

Have a wonderful, lovely, creative weekend!