Thursday, October 7, 2010

New new new noo noo noo! Nanoo nanoo?

(I'm losing it a bit. *lol*)

Ok. I have many many things for you, all of a delicious nature (and most of them are on sale for a couple of days). Firstly--a new tutorial! 251 - More On Drop Shadows expands on my first drop shadow tutorial (which covered the very basics). Here you'll learn how I did the shadow in this layout:

It's an intermediate tutorial, but it works in both CS+ and PSE, so come take a gander @ The DigiChick for that one!

Secondly, also at the DigiChick, is a re-release of Fall Whispers, which is a rich, luscious pean to Fall. Check it out:




I love the CT layouts (check out Jean's prose poem!):

By Vera:

By Jen:

And finally, a little tidbit for you @ the Funky Playground Designs where I'm guesting this month: Stitched 5! Swirlies, zigzags, and double stitched rows, as well as a mini-tutorial on how to recolor them.

Julie scrapped her adorably precious grandchild (with Stitched 5 & Funkadoodle):

Next week: doodles! =)

Have a wonderful, lovely, creative weekend!

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  1. drop shadow tutorials for 2.5 + 3.5 $ = 6 $ ? just do a Google search and it's all for free


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