Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tutorials at Pixel Canvas -- Eeks!

By me!!! *grins* I'm so excited and honored to be able to do this... You can find them all here, at Pixel Canvas, under the Tutorial heading (what a surprise ;)!

Heather Taylor, Simple Extractions Tutorial

Vinnie Pearce's Book Is Out!

And guess what, little ole me has a layout in it, even... *bounce* The book is called Digital Scrapbooking: The Definitive New Zealand Ideas Book, and I'm bummed I can't point you towards it at Powell's Books, but you can get it at Amazon (soon).

Vinnie Pearce, Digital Scrapbooking

And in honor of all that, Vinnie has a TON of new product coming out today! Here are a couple I made with a new freebie (and if you use it with 100% PixelCanvas product, you get a $25.00 store credit--yowza!) (yep, it's the same set of blocks in both layouts):

Everything by Vinnie Pearce, Pixel Canvas. Background is a blend of papers from the Kraft collection, Bucket Full of Sunshine, and Classy Chic Papers. Blocks (window/window frame) from the Blocks Freebie. White grasses from Safari Street, branches from He's Royalty. Boat, wood, and shells from Birthday Boy - Sea. Green branch from The Rose Garden. Wordart from Paradiso.

Heather Taylor, I Am A Boy

Individualism creates its own set of problems!

Everything by Vinnie Pearce, Pixel Canvas. Blocks from the challenge Blocks Freebie. Background paper and paper for blocks from White Foundations. Alpha from purple phase. Truck from Bucket Full of Sunshine. Soccer ball from He's Royalty. Light blue flower from Woodland boys, dark blue flower from School Days. Feather from Romance Me. Tire and little car from Engines Ready. Star button from Babies Blue. Heart circle from Winter SoftiStickers. Font: butterbrotpapier.

Journaling reads: "We went to the children's museum, and you wore your fun new pink raincoat to match your pink crocs, since pink happens to be your favorite color. At several points other mothers told their children "let her play," "it's her turn," "she's trying to share;" and each time, you'd say "him," "his," "he." Finally, you turned to one mother and said: "I know I'm wearing pink, but I'm a BOY." I'm so proud of you for breaking down such societal markers so matter of factly, and for doing your own thing!"

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Quick Little Layout

I finally changed the blog width to accommodate the 600 px size layout, so no more clicking to see the larger size, I hope!

Here's a quick layout with the Route 101 kit:

Heather T., Trying To Be Spring

The sun came out briefly the other week, and Allen was deluded into thinking it was warm. That didn't last long. ;)

Credits: Everything from the Route 101 collab kit from ViVa Artistries and Heather T. at Get Digi With It. Fonts: Blackadder and Franklin Gothic Book. Journaling reads: "Here be feetsies. Harrrr."

Dollar Day Deal: Rain Kit, $1.00!

That makes it 80% off... till Friday evening only!

Heather T., Rain Kit

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New: Collab, Route 101!

Hehe! I had a great time working with Vivienne and Vanessa of ViVa Artistries, my colleagues over at Get Digi With It, and we came up with this great kit about my part of the world. So much fun--so MUCH stuff!! I haven't put it in my shop yet (so slammed with projects!), but you can get it in theirs (they'll send me my portion, of course =).

Heather T. and ViVa Artistries, Route 101 Digital Kit

Here's what it's all about:

Join us for a misty trip along the coast with this collaborative kit from ViVa Artistry and Heather T.! These natural woodsy and muted colors will blend in with many of your layouts and the elements will make your work unique! So versatile!

You'll have 44 elements, 23 papers and 1 alpha at your disposal!

23 textured papers
1 alpha (upper and lowercase)
7 frames
6 arrows
3 flowers
1 tree
2 butterflies
2 ropes
1 ribbon
3 word art
4 crabs
2 sea stars
1 shell (dropped by a Floridian)
1 sand border
1 road
5 tags
1 cluster

And I haven't even had time to make any layouts with it--wah!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New In The Shop: Faded Fluff!

Ok, it's Seattle this weekend, but before I go, a new mini-kit for only ONE DOLLAR today (Friday): Faded Fluff. It's a vintagey sort of collection based on dandelions and Queen Anne's Lace...

Heather T., Faded Fluff

5 [awesome] papers, each with a different design and texture
2 [very cool] hand-drawn flower brushes
1 [nifty] colored abstract dandelion
1 [grunged up] layered word art (also in .png format)
1 [gnarly] rusted and jaggedy frame
1 [painstakingly extracted] bit of rope loop

So I sure hope you like it!

There's another new something in the works, hopefully out by Thursday. Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Find the GDW-EYE and win my new kit!

I can't do a speed scrap this month because I have to go somewhere every weekend in March (can you believe it?? I feel like a travel agent, or something), SO... I'm having a little treasure hunt contest!!

This is how it works: every Wednesday (US Pacific time) I'll post a set of clues to something on the GDWI site. It could be in the gallery, or the forum, or the shop--and it will be about something that's happened within the last 7 days from that Wednesday.

The prize? The first person to PM me (has to be PM, don't give the answer away in this thread!) gets 3 digibits, the 2nd, 2 digibits, and the 3rd, 1 digibit. If nobody has found the item by Thursday, I'll give a second set of clues, but the digibit count decreases by 1. If possible, I'll try to include the GDW-EYE logo at top on the page somehow. Find the GDW-EYE and win my new Spring Kit!

So, get your brain motors rolling.... Here's our first clue IN TERRIBLE BAD POETRY:

The craftswomen are taking notes
And writing up credits in their book
The sound of trumpets makes us float
With pride and happiness in every nook!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New In The Shop: Spring!

Cleverly named, eh? But heck, it's what it's all about--early, early Spring. Here's what it looks like:

Heather T., Spring Mini-Kit

Just click here to get it!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dollar Deal and a Peek-A-Boo

Here's a cute little hand-drawn patterned paper pack on textured stock, for only one dollar all day tomorrow:

Heather T., A Touch Dotty Paper Pack

And here's a simple hello:

Heather Taylor, Happy

A scraplift of Miss Bubbles's "Me" at Pixel Canvas

Everything by Vinnie Pearce, Pixel Canvas. Striped papers from Woodlands Park: Boys, stitching and button from Bucket Full of Sunshine, doodle from Safari Street, wordart from Playing in the Snow.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March Contest @ GDWI: I Spy With My GDW-Eye

I know, I know, bad pun... but fun! (And I totally had fun drawing the logo, too)

HeatherT, I Spy with my GDW-Eye

Here's the scoop:

Every Wednesday (US Pacific time) I'll post a set of clues to something on the GDWI site. It could be in the gallery, or the forum, or the shop--and it will be about something that's happened within the last 7 days from that Wednesday.

The prize? The first person to PM me (has to be PM, don't give the answer away in the thread!) gets 3 digibits, the 2nd, 2 digibits, and the 3rd, 1 digibit. If nobody has found the item by Thursday, I'll give a second set of clues, but the digibit count decreases by 1. If possible, I'll try to include the GDW-EYE logo at top on the page somehow. At the end of March, I'll give away some shop freebies, too, to the three highest digibit earners! (When you’ve accumulated 50 DigiBits, you will receive a $5.00 Gift Certificate to the Get Digi With It store!)

So, get your brain motors rolling and come play with us.... Click here to read the first clue!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pearls Of Light

Heather Taylor, Pearls of Light

Credits: All Vinnie Pearce, Pixel Canvas. Background is just a solid color fill, distressed with Distress Brushes Set 01 and Old Text Brushes, along with a splat from Page Masks Set 01, and some Decorative Grunge Swirls (the "Joy" wordart was made with the same brushes, as well as with Brock Script Font). Font for poem: butterbrotpapier. Text reads:

"what is it
in my chest
that strings out
along pearls of light
into the thick of distance?

why do I feel the need
to be absolved
by dissolution
the desire to become
some mist of sentience
floating above lonely shores
or brushing the waves
where otters sleep?

I do not know. Perhaps
it is only the pain
of exquisite joy."

A Card, Some Layouts

Fancy that, a card! And not just any card--a card with actual sewing *everybody go "ooooh"* =)

Seriously, it took me almost an hour to sew all those beads to a piece of felt. I'm pathetic. *lol* But it came out ok... The reason I did this is because I made this cool piece of background paper (matte coated white paper with butterscotch Ranger alcohol ink) and couldn't find a single retro stamp to go with it. The brown paper is stamped, though, with a retired Tapestry Stamps piece.

Heather T., Beads

And some layouts. You get to see what I do everyday just by following these in succession (I'll start with the oldest first):

We went to the dentist.

At The Dentist's: Take Two

We went, we sat, we objected... we left. But we didn't scream. Score!!

Credits: Everything by Erica Hernandez at 2Peas. Base is her Letter Template 18 (modified to fit a 12x12). All papers are from the Haphazard mini-kit, except for the green (Martha Stewart freebie). Owl from the retroACTIVE kit. Fonts: Switzerland Condensed Bold and Oregon LDO. Journaling reads: "Still no cleaning, but at least we got 1/4 of an X-ray."

We went to the beach.

Yachats River Beach

Got a Gallery Standout on this one... Credits: Everything 2Peas. Kate Teague for the background (a blend of one of her Dirty Stocks and a The Basics - Beige). Sande Krieger for the rest: frames from the French Laundry Photo Cards, borders along the edge from Borderlines 6, and brads from The Basics - Brads 2. Fonts: Soul Mission and Last Words; journaling reads: "Yachats: always the same, always different, always beautiful."

We went on a shopping-social tour of Yachats, with Daddy, who occasionally comes home on weekends.

Heather Taylor, Utterly Unique

New slicker, new sunglasses (in the shape of a crab, with pincers that flip up). What a kid. =)

Everything from Sande Krieger at 2Peas, except for the word art (mine). Masks in the middle are from the French Laundry Photo Edges v. 5. Bright papers are from the Sidewalk Chalk Papers, and the background paper from Sidewalk Chalk Pastels. The edges on the purple paper are from the Borderlines 5 kit.

We went to the beach.

Heather Taylor, Sun-Water-Sand

Everything by Vinnie Pearce, Pixel Canvas. Template from the "Give Me Simple - 2 Pagers - Set 01" (gray paper comes with the template). Buttons from "School Days." Stitching from the "Us" freebie. Fonts: Soul Mission and Last Words. Title distressed with Vinnie's Distress Brushes Set 01.

We wore comfy pyjamas.

Heather Taylor, I See You

Credits: Everything by Vinnie Pearce, Pixel Canvas. I See + block, and "YOU" from her Big Word Mask Set 01. Paper clipped to the 1st mask from He's Royalty (as well as the moon and star). Paper clipped to the 2nd mask from Birthday Papers. Love and little heart medallion from Love SoftiStickers. Font: Pooh. Journaling reads: "I see you, ready for the night's ride with your best friend, ready to settle down and read stories with Daddy, and cuddle."

I made a grunge kit.

Heather Taylor, Wait Up

How can time go so quickly, and so slowly, all at once? And did I tell you that he's starting 2nd grade on Wednesday?

Credits: Everything by me (Heather T., Get Digi With It). Papers, word art, frame, clock back, fence border, and arrows from the Industrious kit. Teddy bear from the GDWI March Collaboration kit. Slight color splash bottom right from the Innocent Surprise kit. Robot from the How It Works kit. Butterfly from the Luxuriant kit. Font: 1550. Journaling reads: "Wait up! This growing up business is happening way too fast."

And now, once again, it's 2am. It's the end of the month--all my websites had to be updated tonight. And I have my last set of articles to write for Scrapbook News & Review this week... plus some other stuff that I'm really excited about--nothing big!--but I can't tell you yet. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and week!