Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Find the GDW-EYE and win my new kit!

I can't do a speed scrap this month because I have to go somewhere every weekend in March (can you believe it?? I feel like a travel agent, or something), SO... I'm having a little treasure hunt contest!!

This is how it works: every Wednesday (US Pacific time) I'll post a set of clues to something on the GDWI site. It could be in the gallery, or the forum, or the shop--and it will be about something that's happened within the last 7 days from that Wednesday.

The prize? The first person to PM me (has to be PM, don't give the answer away in this thread!) gets 3 digibits, the 2nd, 2 digibits, and the 3rd, 1 digibit. If nobody has found the item by Thursday, I'll give a second set of clues, but the digibit count decreases by 1. If possible, I'll try to include the GDW-EYE logo at top on the page somehow. Find the GDW-EYE and win my new Spring Kit!

So, get your brain motors rolling.... Here's our first clue IN TERRIBLE BAD POETRY:

The craftswomen are taking notes
And writing up credits in their book
The sound of trumpets makes us float
With pride and happiness in every nook!


  1. Heather this is truely beautiful - love the cherry blossoms and the gorgeous colours.

  2. Wow, this kit looks so fresh and vibrant !


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