Thursday, June 21, 2012


Oh my... I stitched, I glued, I drew, I tied, I scanned and extracted and extracted and extracted... and just squeezed by the deadline for a new kit @ MScraps, Kaboom!! It's really a cute kit, and I'm looking forward to scrapping with it. But that's why there aren't any sample pages yet. Hope you like it too!

Hope you have a lovely rest of the week! I'm so looking forward to my son being back on Saturday, accompanied by my sister, her husband, and their darling 4-almost-5 year old, Erik. Here are Erik and Allen enjoying fireworks (guess they can shoot them off anytime in Florida!) sitting on a lawnmower on a truck bed...


Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Photos

Whoops! apparently this didn't get published the other day... Gerdemann Botanic Preserve, Sea Lion Caves, and Yachats River Beach... I can't remember most of the flowers' names, however--sorry!

Firecracker Flower

Bell Magnolia

Flowering Ileria

Fire Poker flower

Squirrel amongst the salal at the Sea Lion Caves

Stellar Sea Lion Bull monitoring the return of a female (the wet one in front)

 Same bull with a different female

Another one posturing

 Stellar Sea Lions hauled out along the rocky shoreline--this is one of their breeding and birthing spots

 Spot the pup nursing?

Female returning to the rocks

Low tide

Skip & Splash

New kit this week based on one of my drawings: Skip & Splash! Fun, with lots of color overlays and playful elements. Great for water layouts--pool, ocean, or rain!

And some wayyyyyyy fabulous layouts:

By Linda:

By Jen:

By Dita:

By Lisa:

By Julie:

and by Jetje:

I can't believe how gorgeous it is here--sure hope you're enjoying the weather in your corner of the world!

More more photos

From today, at Seal Rock, and then at Ocean Glass Blowing...

Two kinds of seagull

Waves crashing

Stones basking

Rocks looming

Seals basking

Seals flumping

Sea stars blobbing

Rocks & barnacles

Barnacle close-up

Glass-blown float formation

Glass floats

Delicate flowering bush

Sunday, June 10, 2012


My mother is visiting from FL (and she'll be leaving with Allen for a week--ACK!), so I've been taking more photos than usual...