Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Brief Taste of Nature: Freebie

Ok, I have been just overflowing with ideas the last couple of weeks. It must be because it's the end of the month and I have all this work waiting for me in the wings... *sigh*

But meanwhile, I finally figured out what to do with that little birdie. And I tossed in a couple of other goodies that were lying around... Click on the image to go to the download area, and please, do leave a comment or two if you like them--these took me a lot of time! Of course, constructive criticism is always welcome, too!

Heather Taylor, A Brief Taste of Nature

Monday, October 27, 2008

Illustration Friday


Yes, you can all groan now. ;)

Created with Art Rage and Photoshop CS2.

Answered my own question...

Credits: Background paper & drawing by moi. Frame and tag by Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals, Playground Layered Template and Curled Journal Spots 3). Flower by Monica Larsen (Floralis). Glass pebble by Vinnie Pearce (Pixel Canvas). Stitching by Anna Aspnes (DD, Stitched by Anna White). Font: Inked God.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Flowers And Birdie, Redux

Ok, remember this little guy? I love how this came out, but do you think it would be useful as a scrapping paper?? I didn't use a single drop of paint on this, by the way. It's all dodging and burning and saturating the underlying piece of paper...

Heather Taylor, Flowers & Birdie Paper

Thanks to "Splendor & Demise" on Flikr for the use of the great paper texture!

Still Life With Beach

Had to make cards today, and do school (catching up for when Mom was here, though still, we're already done with November's classes!), and make a couple of new cards for my Etsy shop. So this was a quick layout (relatively), and I wasn't quite sure whether it was finished or not. It had a poem calling to me, but I wasn't able to dig it out...

Heather Taylor, Still Life With Beach

Credits: Everything mine except for the coin "frame" by Vinnie Pearce (Pixel Canvas, Naturals). Fonts: XBand Rough and Big Ruckus AOE. Though I added the frame and lighthouse picture, can you believe that this little collection of sea gifts I found exactly like this? Amazing.

And here's the card--the last one for ACE9 on my Oriental Stamp Art group:

Heather Taylor, Dancers

Credits: Stamp by Art Neko (not one of mine), and yuzen from Stone House Stamps, House of my (willing)financial demise... ;)

And finally, the new Etsy cards:

Heather Taylor, Nature's Gift Wrap

(Might make that word art into a freebie at some point!)

Heather Taylor, Season's Beauties

Hope you have a great week!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Harvest Days Freebie

Well, I've just returned from a 2-day jaunt to the airport to bring my Mother back after a really lovely stay. We incorporated a field trip for Allen into the return voyage at a Christmas Tree farm just outside Eugene--wow, what a perfect, spectacular day! In doing my matutinal layout I decided to make a recipe card, and so made that into a freebie. Here's the layout:

Heather Taylor, Harvest Days

Credits: Everything mine except for twisted paper at bottom, by Natali/Scrapgirls Studio: Countryside kit. Fonts: Your Eyes (a freebie font of mine) and Drift Type. Journaling reads: "Recipe for a perfect day: Go to the Northern Lights Christmas Tree Farm, hang a left, take a hayride, watch some pumpkins get splattered, meet some school friends, oooh at the cute little animals, throw in some crisp sunny fall weather... & enjoy!! PS: Don’t forget Grandma!"

And here's the freebie (click on the image to be taken to the download area):

Heather Taylor, Harvest Days Recipe Card

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Flowers And Birdie

Just a little drawing in Illustrator...

Heather Taylor, Flowers & Bird

Not sure what I'm going to do with it, though!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Late Pocket Watch Freebie

So, I just had fun turning it into a .png file! If I have time I might add to it, but I gotta get outside with Mom now that it's sunny all of a sudden! Click on the image to go download it...

Heather Taylor, Late Pocket Watch

Illustration & Me

My talented friend Brenda first posted about this group, and I've been feeling the need to actually draw more--I'm ashamed to say that the 21-day challenge goals didn't truly stick! So here's my Friday Illustration, on the theme of "Late":

Heather Taylor, Late

And here's a little layout about me--I loved the way Vinnie's word art itself suggested the word "being". My mom just brought me these pictures that she'd found in my Grandpa's stash...

Heather Taylor, Beginnings

Credits: All Vinnie Pearce, Pixel Canvas. Background paper, button, flower, wordart from the Baby's Breath kit. Other paper from My Pet Elephant. Flower spray from Woodland (Boys). Font: VT Remington. Journaling reads:

What would I say
to this little me?
Time has created
a torrent of moments
between us;
I would be unimaginable
to her. I should then
just give her love:
love to make her strong,
love to make a safe space
in her little mind
that will travel so far
from beginning to being.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Misty Silence

Vinnie's stuff is just so perfect for some of my pictures--I can't help myself!

Heather Taylor, Misty Silence

From our visit to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse yesterday. Fog, solitude, the sea moving -- magnificent. Credits: All Vinnie Pearce, Pixel Canvas. Papers from the New kit and Today I freebie. Button also from the New kit. Fonts: butterbrotpapier and 1942 Report. Journaling reads: they float / strung out on / their cosine / curve / in misty / silence

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Variations On A Theme

Timounette gave me the great honor of selecting one of my pages for a challenge scraplift on the Digiscrapub forum--some amazing lifts there! It was really idea-sparking to see what some people had done. Awesome job, ladies!

Chance Discovery: Gradient Letters

Here's today's layout:

Heather Taylor, The Valley

The area between the Coastal Range and the Cascades is known as "The Valley" (especially along the Coast, as everything "civilized" (Target, specialists, Trader Joe's) is in The Valley), as it follows the length of the Willamette River. Beautiful country, lots of agriculture, fertile--and in the throes of Fall, these days. These pictures are from the day we went to the school field trip.

Credits: K. Pertiet, From My Porch Brushes (Designer Digitals) and Anna Aspnes, Autumnal (DD). Font: Ottawa. Journaling reads: "On our way back from Scio, we stopped at a trail along the North Forks River and took a little walk, enjoying the cool air, the beautiful leaves, and the softly lit forest. You and Cedar played in the river, throwing and fetching sticks, and it was good to see her get an opportunity to run free."

So, how'd I do those letters in OREGON? So easy! Type up your letters in the colors you want, and put a stroke on them. However, instead of just choosing a single color, go to the "Fill Type" and select "Gradient". For my gradient I chose a slightly darker green, then a light green, then the same darker green. Make sure the gradient is in the Inside position. Then, make the stroke size enormous (mine was 79 pixels) so that it takes up the entire inside of your letter. Cool, eh? I've included a screen shot of the options I chose--there are a bunch of different ways you could get your stroke to work for you, so have fun fiddling around!

Heather Taylor, Gradient Stroke Options

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Holding Back

It's been hard to hold back, but I had to--the new products weren't out yet! I think they will be, tomorrow, and Vinnie's given us the go ahead to post these...

Come Tomorrow...

Heather Taylor, Come Tomorrow...

Credits: Most everything by Vinnie Pearce, Pixel Canvas. Papers from her Kraft Papers (recolored) and Woodland Boys (clipped to some distressed frames by Lynn Grieveson, Designer Digitals). Butterfly from the Flutter Fresh kit. Leaves from My First Bike. Beads from Dangles-Girly Things. Bird from Naturals, and the frame from Textured Block - Black. Font: Monika Italic.

Scattered Leaves

Heather Taylor, Scattered Leaves

Everything by Vinnie Pearce at Pixel Canvas. Background paper and gold leaves (recolored) from the New kit. Word art with the little leaves (I added a few) and orange-leaved sprig from her Fall word art. Tree trio from the My First Bike kit. Look Mom, no journaling! *grins*

Allen & Ruth

Heather Taylor, Ruth & Allen

Credits: All Vinnie Pearce (Pixel Canvas). The background is a massive blend of papers from Pet Elephant and Naturals, distressed with the decorative element from Pieces of Me. That gorgeous wedding cake frame is the White Canvas (the other smaller frame is from there as well), slightly recolored. The papers under the second frame are from the Flutter, First Bike, and New kits. The elements are from Flutter (sequins, beaded lace), Pieces of Me (one heart, Amour), I Live For (paper heart & staples), and finally Naturals (mother-of-pearl disc). Font: Kolker Brush.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Day

I've been busy making pages with new product by Vinnie at Pixel Canvas, but I can't show those till Friday. So I made a (relatively) quick one today... Loved these great epoxy icons by Patti Knox (Designer Digitals), but was struggling with what to do with them. So I made up a few of my own (coffee, beach, computer, cooking) thanks to clip art from Microsoft Word, and ta dah... =) . Font: Trebuchet.

Heather Taylor, My Day

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Layout Catch-Up

Phew! It's been a busy week -- not so much on the digiscrapping front, though! Made some cards, have been working on a commissioned drawing (very much not my usual style, but it's been super-interesting to do), a couple of logos, a newsletter for my DH's clinic... plus a lot of school for Allen!

Here are some of the latest, though. I really am pleased with the one I did today--I started off with the photos (both from inside the car through the windshield, but one focussing on the raindrops, the other on the background), and then started adding some elements, and all of a sudden it came together! The green of the stoplight, the "green" in the text, the streetlamp element echoing the streetlamps in the photo... I like it when my subconscious gets to work! *lol*

Heather Taylor, It Rains Here, Too

Credits: Everything by Vinnie Pearce (Pixel Canvas). Background shot is blended with a paper from her Naturals kit, and all the elements (clouds, helicopter--though I added "Coast Guard" in tiny letters on the side and colored it in--street lamp, stop light), and the alpha, from her Engines Ready kit. Fonts: Twentieth Century MT Condensed and 1942 Report. Journaling reads: "there is a price to pay / for green / rain / rain / wind / rain / and gray".

I continue to be amazed by Vinnie's talent and creativity. She's just amazing--and an incredibly sweet person to boot!

Here's a quick Christmas (ACK!) card I made with some adorable templates Mother Hen of 3 Pixel Chicks put out for World Card Day (hope you had a good one, btw!):

Heather Taylor, Noel

Credits: everything from 3 Pixel Chicks. Template from the 2008 World Card Day Template pack. Background paper from Spring Chick Papers; other papers from Seasonal Canvas Papers: Watercolors.

And here's a fun re-scrap of a photo I used when I was just starting out doing digital scrapping--a really beautifully pastel sunset. I did this in response to a 2Peas challenge--get inspired from packaging. Not being one for much packaged food in our house, I went searching on the web and found a great blog (The Die Line) for packaging design (a very cool subset of design, btw), and they pointed me to the Zull wine website with these funky striped labels, which I then used as part of my design. Anyway, long intro for just one layout!

Heather Taylor, Wave Zen

Credits: Everything mine, I guess, except the font: 20th Century MT Condensed. I loved the lines and writing on the Zull wine labels I found online! They reminded me of sunsets, so I went ahead and looked for the right pic... The waves and sand dollar are based on stamps I've made for Art Neko.

Gosh, I haven't updated for a while... too many layouts! So I'll just show one more -- I was thrilled that it got mentioned in the Gallery Standouts!

Heather Taylor, Balanced

Credits for "Balanced": Everything by Vinnie Pearce at Pixel Canvas, except for frame (Katie Pertiet, Designer Digitals, Open Up Frames No. 2). Background paper from the freebie Today kit. Other papers from First Bike kit (green paper was grizzled with a mask from the Distressed Photo Masks - Set One) as well as the stitching. Square sequins and black heart from She's A Doll Element Pack. Glass pebble from the Glass Pebble Element Pack. Red heart beads and wire from Dangles - Girly Things Element Pack. Ricrac from Woodland Boys kit. Font: 1942 Report. Journaling reads: "sometimes / it is only the smallest pebble / that keeps everything / balanced / without you / we / will be off- / kilter."