Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chance Discovery: Gradient Letters

Here's today's layout:

Heather Taylor, The Valley

The area between the Coastal Range and the Cascades is known as "The Valley" (especially along the Coast, as everything "civilized" (Target, specialists, Trader Joe's) is in The Valley), as it follows the length of the Willamette River. Beautiful country, lots of agriculture, fertile--and in the throes of Fall, these days. These pictures are from the day we went to the school field trip.

Credits: K. Pertiet, From My Porch Brushes (Designer Digitals) and Anna Aspnes, Autumnal (DD). Font: Ottawa. Journaling reads: "On our way back from Scio, we stopped at a trail along the North Forks River and took a little walk, enjoying the cool air, the beautiful leaves, and the softly lit forest. You and Cedar played in the river, throwing and fetching sticks, and it was good to see her get an opportunity to run free."

So, how'd I do those letters in OREGON? So easy! Type up your letters in the colors you want, and put a stroke on them. However, instead of just choosing a single color, go to the "Fill Type" and select "Gradient". For my gradient I chose a slightly darker green, then a light green, then the same darker green. Make sure the gradient is in the Inside position. Then, make the stroke size enormous (mine was 79 pixels) so that it takes up the entire inside of your letter. Cool, eh? I've included a screen shot of the options I chose--there are a bunch of different ways you could get your stroke to work for you, so have fun fiddling around!

Heather Taylor, Gradient Stroke Options


  1. Thanks for the tip Heather, they look great! I'll have to try that soon! I left you some love on your LO earlier, it's really amazing!

  2. Très très belle page!!! J'adore les paysages grandioses et là, je suis gâtée!!! Votre blog est une merveille!! Bravo et merci

  3. Thanks for the tip. I'm always on the lookout to improve my titles, usually I'm too lazy to though ;)

  4. Je remets un petit com ici pour vous dire que votre page a été proposée sous forme de sketch pour un challenge sur Digiscrapub's! Ma page est sur mon blog si vous voulez aller la voir!
    Bonne soirée!!!


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