Sunday, October 26, 2008

Still Life With Beach

Had to make cards today, and do school (catching up for when Mom was here, though still, we're already done with November's classes!), and make a couple of new cards for my Etsy shop. So this was a quick layout (relatively), and I wasn't quite sure whether it was finished or not. It had a poem calling to me, but I wasn't able to dig it out...

Heather Taylor, Still Life With Beach

Credits: Everything mine except for the coin "frame" by Vinnie Pearce (Pixel Canvas, Naturals). Fonts: XBand Rough and Big Ruckus AOE. Though I added the frame and lighthouse picture, can you believe that this little collection of sea gifts I found exactly like this? Amazing.

And here's the card--the last one for ACE9 on my Oriental Stamp Art group:

Heather Taylor, Dancers

Credits: Stamp by Art Neko (not one of mine), and yuzen from Stone House Stamps, House of my (willing)financial demise... ;)

And finally, the new Etsy cards:

Heather Taylor, Nature's Gift Wrap

(Might make that word art into a freebie at some point!)

Heather Taylor, Season's Beauties

Hope you have a great week!


  1. Heather, I am just so impressed with your talent! Your cards are just stunning!

  2. J'adore la photo des pins!! magnifique!!!!


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