Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Totally inspired by Patricia Zapata and her awesome matchbox cutout, I created my own design and flung myself into my paper cabinet. I was lucky that I had some 6"x24" strips of paper that I won at an auction at California Paper Goods, back when I was buying some *serious* paper, so I could make a complete wrap-around box while keeping the height at 6". However, I am a complete math idiot, and due to numerous mistakes in calculations, failure to realize that a strip of paper with two different sides is bound to show both sides if you make a box, and other such marvelous indicators of dexterity--not to mention mounting the red heart piece UPSIDE DOWN at the last moment (thank goodness I hadn't used O'So Sticky Tape on the red paper)--anyway, despite all the fumbling, I managed to create a pretty ok little giftie for DH, don't you think?

I cut the design with my Xacto knife, in case you couldn't tell from the laser precision cuts in there.

Happy Valentine's, honey! (I think he reads this sometimes, heh)

(made with I'd Love To @ The DigiChick)


  1. That is Gorgeous. And handmade with love! You have some patience with the Xacto. :)em

  2. ooh, very pretty, and intricate!

  3. What a cool valentine!

  4. this is beautiful, Heather!!!

    and I really loved that page you posted on FB about paper cutting, so inspiring, right?!! :-))

  5. That sounds like quite the adventure of assembly! It's beautiful.


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