Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pixel Canvas Update

Vinnie just made an announcement on Facebook about Pixel Canvas--this is what she says:

Hi guys, just letting you know that we are close to being on our new server. If you visit the site right now you will find things not working or uploading. That's because you are looking at the old site and the database has moved. When we have our old site back, expect all your images and forum post taken back a few weeks. The reason for this is that a copy of our site was downloaded at a certain point (weeks ago) then uploaded to a new server and the new server can not reflect any of the changes to the old server, like gallery posts and forum threads made after the download point ... confused? LOL!

Once we are on our new server I will be introducing a new group system. There have been too many pages uploaded for the last few months from members who are only there to promote other designers products, and that's not what I want the gallery to be about. SO yes there will be moderation on all members except those that have shown loyalty to PC products and community. These members have no moderation and limit of 5 gallery posts a day, using 70%-100% PC items. There's also another group level they can work towards where they have a limit of 15 gallery posts a day, lifetime discount on all PC items, free gift every month - exclusive to those members. (conditions and rules apply.) More details on that later. ;)

I hope you can understand where I am coming from and continue to be loyal members to Pixel Canvas. Thanks again for sticking by.


  1. WOW How cool is this!! Looking forward to Pixel canvas to be back up and running and chit chatting with you ladies again!! Miss yinz! I can't wait!!

    Thanks for the information Heather!!

  2. yes thanks for the info Heather! have missed dropping in to see how everyone is going! and Heather, have done a couple of pages using your papers from the 3PM kit, I just LOVE these papers and have one LO which I think is my all time favourite page to date!! - Ona :)


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