Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Tuesday... it's another $1.00 template!

Ridiculously cheap, if you ask me. ;)

And a layout, What Comes Out Of Your Mind:

Everything with my Tuesday Template at Gotta Pixel for 11.10! Font: Black Boys On Mopeds. Journaling reads: "I just love this kitty. He's exuberant and full of life, just like you--and just a little messy around the edges, too. Your drawing skills have really taken off these days, and you're graduating from the "just trains" stage into less technically complex, but more artistically complex subjects. It's really a joy to watch you deep in concentration, working so hard to get all the details JUST RIGHT, all your little swirls on the ends of everything, and how much attention you pay to staying within the lines. And then, I just listen to you explain everything, and I have to grin in sheer joy at your being, so full of life."

Nah, I'm not biased... ;)

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