Thursday, June 11, 2009

New In The Shop: A Bunch of Stuff

It's Thursday! Or Friday! Depends which side of the globe you're on... So:

Dollar Deal @ GDWI: Ocean Fun!

Heather T., Ocean Fun

This pretty little mini-kit gives you

-5 luscious papers
-1 quickpage
-1 frame
-3 buttons/flair
-1 seashell mask

And at Pixel Canvas, I have Fabricated, a little element pack with some textured, "fabric" flowers which took me forever and an age to make, as pretty much each PETAL on each flower has been extracted, covered with fabric, and individually shadowed (though you can put your own shadow on the flowers, too):

Heather T., Fabricated

And I have a new tutorial, A Quick (sorta) Introduction to Masks -- it covers primarily quick masks, their relationship to channel masks, and a way to use quick masks to make an extraction:

Heather T., A Quick Introduction to Masks

And while I'm at it, a couple of layouts today, finally:

Heather Taylor, What Lives Within

Everything @ Pixel Canvas. Background color made with a mask by Vinnie Pearce (Distressed Photo Masks - Set 03), using a paper from Cheeky Monkey Creative's What Lives Within kit. Everything else from that kit also.

And another one, Nature:

Heather Taylor, Nature

Everything by ViVa Artistry @ Pixel Canvas, from their Herbarium kit. Font is Handscript Upright.

Journaling reads: "I’m not sure I’ll ever understand myself, but whatever I can’t understand seems to disappear in Nature’s majesty."

Tomorrow... dentist. *sigh* BUT: Allen finished his first year of school today, YAY! And he zipped through Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 1/2 of 2nd grade. We *both* need a break!


  1. Gorgeous layouts, Heather!! Hugs from Julie (aka MaggieMae)

  2. Beautiful work as always, Heather!


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