Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My New CT!

I'm very excited to announce that

Jen (justjen)
Julie K. in Taiwan
Julie (MaggieMae)
Karen (justk)
Sandrine (timounette)
Ulla-May (zwyck)
will be joined by:
Jean (JeanH)
Lisa (latz)
Loni (lingovise)
Ona (wombat)
Vera (Veer)
and guests:
Alison (Scottish Zoe) - Aug/Sep
Dasha (koz9fka) - Aug/Sep
Kate (Sonshinekate) - Oct/Nov
Vania (Vania Cunha) - Oct/Nov

I wish I could have taken everyone, of course--these kinds of decisions are just awful. But I'm really happy to be welcoming such great talent to my team!


  1. Way to go ladies!!!!! So happy to have you all coming on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see some familiar names that is super cool!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy to be on the team! Looking forward to playing with lots of goodies and getting to know everyone.

  3. ooh yeah! Congratulations Heather, and congrats to all!! That is so cool!

  4. Wahoo Congrats ladies you have a super talented designer to work for!!!


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