Thursday, August 26, 2010

My CT's Fabulous Work!

I realized when it came time to make my blog posts for my two newest kits that there was NO WAY I could include everybody's layouts, and I was very bummed. So, I've set up a Flickr slideshow to show off everything! When you watch it, there are some options in the upper-right-hand corner, specifically to show the title--that will tell you who made the layout. I wish I could embed the slideshow, but Flickr doesn't seem to be able to do that...

SO GORGEOUS! Thank you, my stellar team!!


  1. The layouts are gorgeous ! I think you all take scrapbooking to a new level.. awesome work ! TFS !

  2. Seriously gorgeous art going on at your slide show - Way to go to your CT. Mind you the gorgeous products help :)


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