Sunday, February 22, 2009

New In The Shop: Luxuriant

Finally finished my new Luxuriant Full Kit--I love how it turned out!

A wonderful kit for your family memories, and a beautiful way to express how much your love for them is important to you. To me, it is a luxury to bask in the love of my family--which I often extend through the process of scrapbooking. The colors and textures in this kit are so rich that it brought that name to mind.


* 16 textured and patterned papers
* 5 frames, all different, one with a translucent ribbon wrap
* 4 raffia page wraps (can be reduced to frame size)
* 2 brushes with butterflies and swirls
* 1 colored butterfly/swirl doodle
* 3 beautifully patterned butterflies
* 6 "silk" flowers and one leaf
* 3 gorgeous pieces of word art
* 1 quickpage

Heather T., Luxuriant


  1. Your kit looks beautiful, Heather! It's amazing how much we get done without a forum to obsessively check and post to. :)

  2. Beautiful kit Heather, you are an amazing designer as well as an amazing scrapper!

  3. That dominant teal color is terrific! Is your banner new? Based on this kit?

  4. Love these colors -- lotsa neat elements here.


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