Thursday, February 19, 2009

Layout Catch-Up

Ack! Time goes too quickly... we've had a trip to the big city, and Allen's going to be starting 2nd grade soon, so lots of busy-ness outside of the digital world...

Nonetheless, here are a few recent layouts. Vinnie's been on a terrific creative jag recently with a lot of fantasy-oriented stuff, and so several of the layouts have been on the really dreamy side. Total contrast with Sande Krieger and Erica Hernandez's stuff! Working backwards, as usual--newer stuff first:

If I Haven't Told You

Heather Taylor, If I Haven't Told You

Do you ever worry that your child doesn't really understand the depth of your emotions for them? I do--especially as an older mom... Credits: Everything by Vinnie Pearce, Pixel Canvas. Background is a blend of papers from The White Foundation Paper Pack and the Create Art freebie mini-kit. The blue flowers are from Safari Street, the buttercup is from Bucket Of Sunshine, and the green rose from Shabby Crib. Black and white butterfly, other flowers and buttons, as well as the word art/stick, from the Decorative Page Prompts Set 01. Blue butterfly from He's Royalty. Font: Rodeo King. Journaling reads:

"If I haven’t told you today
that I love you,
it’s a mistake.
Perhaps I’m not there;
perhaps the small
frustrations of my day
have swallowed my
common sense. If I
haven’t told you today
that I love you,
then read these words
and know I meant them
for every day
now and as long
as they will make
you happy.

I love you,
my grubby, flower-fisted child,
and I thank you for the gift
of making my own heart

A Dream Come True

Heather Taylor, A Dream Come True

Everything with Vinnie Pearce's kit He's Royalty (at Pixel Canvas). Fonts Underwood 1913 and Adine-Kirnberg Script.

I'd Be Lost

Heather Taylor, I'd Be Lost

Managed to snag some good close-up pics without having to dodge the no-more-pics faces while we were on the MAX this weekend... =)

Credits: All by Vinnie Pearce, Pixel Canvas. Background overlay is a paper from the Typography Corner - Paper Pack 1. "I'd be lost without you" word art from Grunge Wordart: Love. Frame, leaf, and stitching from Safari Street. Tiny heart from My Pet Elephant. Flower from Romance Me. Leaf from Paradiso. Butterfly from School Days. Font for date: Last Words.

Train Show

Heather Taylor, Train Show

This child was in 7th heaven for over 4 hours!

Credits: Template by Erica Hernandez @ 2Peas, Letter Template No. 18. Everything else by Sande Krieger @ 2Peas: "Memento" background from her French Laundry Paper Pack, and stamp from A Cold Winter's Night. Font: Ecolier.

Ok, that's it for now. I'm working on a new kit, of course... =)


  1. Beautiful work, Heather - you've been so busy. Hard to believe Allen's going to be in second grade, still quite the cutie.

    We're at Panera tonight. It's nice to have a minute to check out what everyone doing.


  2. I really love the pages you did with Vinnie's stuff, especially the one with the flowers! How adorable and how totally boy! He is such a little cutie!

  3. I'd be lost is my fave. As always, terrific work!

  4. Ces pages sont fabuleuses !!!! J'adore la première.
    Merci beaucoup pour le freebie

  5. Awesome pages! That train show looks like scads of fun. Can't wait to see your new kit, the QP is delightful.

  6. J'adore ces pages, surtout dreams et les fleurs.

  7. what pleasant pages, nice, nothing superfluous!


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