Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm Not So Good With The Month Thing

For some reason, I can never get the Spring or Fall months to follow each other properly, which is why I thought I was pressed for time to get this little mini-kit ready for a blog-hopping party started by Kristine at WenchdGrafix. Which is due... October 1. Heh. So, here's the preview, and I just hope I can remember to put it up that day, because who knows, I'll probably think it's April by then... =)

Heather Taylor, Fall Splendor Collaboration Kit (coming in October)


  1. Ha! And you still live in the same Hemisphere in which you were born!! Try moving to the antipodes!!! When it's cold, to me it's not July but January, and when it's warm it's not December but July! And my birthday! Ha, so weird to have warmth in February that it doesn't even feel like my birthday!!! This said, maybe you SHOULD move down under, months would make perfect sense to you!

  2. LOL sounds like something I would do. Good looking kit!


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