Thursday, December 25, 2008

Getting There

For a challenge by Black Dog Designs, at her new Out Of The Box challenge blog. I did, and did labor over this one, and there's a lot I'm not pleased with, but I certainly went well out of my box (and fell into the drink, I think)!

Heather Taylor, Getting There

Credits: Love card by Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals, Simple Spots). Metal heart by Creashens (Catscrap, Bye Bye Birdie). Letter paper by Jesse Edwards, Journaling Challenge 12-21-08. Composition book by 3 Pixel Chicks (3 Pixel Chicks, Chick Your Grade). Shelf by Jofia Devoe (Digichick, In My Mommy's Dream). Chalk by M. Paige (Oscraps, To The Blackboard). Hanging frame, bolts, and rope frame by Natali Designs (StudioGirls, Countryside Kit). Dried roses by Monica Larsen (DSPB, Floralis). Other elements mine, aided by stock photography from StockExchange or Morgue Files, or my own. Fonts: Tahoma and 1942 Report. Journaling reads:

Getting there

I'm not sure where there is.

It used to be that all I wanted
Was to get married
And have kids.
And it didn't happen.
And it didn't happen.
And it didn't happen.
And after the third time,
I said to myself that perhaps
It wasn't supposed to happen
And threw all of me into other things
My Ph.D., my teaching, my deviant self.
And then, of course, it happened.
And really, once you get there, it's
Almost the end of everything, because
The child is a black hole of love and attention.
Inside of me, inside an older, more temperate
More attentive me, there are other aspects
Waiting to be birthed:
The artist, the poet, the lonely
Watcher, overwhelmed with beauty.

I love where I am now
But I still see a path
Running ahead like moon on the water
And I pray for clear skies.


  1. Good job on being out of your box. Its hard to create out of your box but at the same time you learn not only your software but something about yourself to help others. Well put. I'm proud of this for you.

  2. wow, it s really wonderful, I love it !!!

  3. I have every confidence that you will get there!

  4. Good News, Heather!! "The artist, the poet, the lonely Watcher, overwhelmed with beauty" is out and about, doing wonderfully well (IMNVHO).

    At least, that's what it (you) looks like from here.

  5. love the evolving story and layout... lovely.


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