Friday, August 21, 2009

Sale & New Stuff!

Gotta Pixel is having a 40% sale off tomorrow (it actually starts at 12am EST):

And in honor of this, I'll have a new kit up, Yay School!:

We go back to school next Thursday--I'm quite sure I'm far more excited about it than Allen! *lol*


  1. gorgeous!
    I so miss creating with your stuff *sighs*

  2. Great kits heather. How's the little one doing with school this year?

  3. Wonderful kit Heather! Great elements and colours!

  4. fun kit Heather!

    Im ready to start to PLAY more again myself.....LOL....... once the chicks are back in school. We start after Labor Day weekend.

  5. We start back in a little over 2 weeks - I simply CANNOT believe how excited I am! My kids? Not so much.

  6. Wonderful work. I hope back to school went okay! I know I was dreading it.. haha. :D


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