Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Couple of Layouts

Only one embellishment between the two of them!

"Nothing To Say":

Heather Taylor, Nothing To Say

Everything mine. Font: Clarendon. Journaling reads:

"There is really nothing to say.
You can only watch our star’s beacon
Flash over your head
And wonder to what galaxies it signals
And who reads, on that other beach,
The messages of the night sky."


Heather Taylor, Waves

Fonts: Butterbrotpapier & Pegsanna HK. Journaling reads: "Even though we've lived here for three years, we've never really gone into the ocean. The waves are so strong and powerful, the riptide is so frightening, that I've never dared to get too close. But on this evening, we finally dipped our feet in--and wow, was it cold, even in September! Seeing you actually in the water was incredibly scary to me, but Daddy was watching you like a hawk. Nonetheless, when a bigger wave rolled over the bay, even Daddy braced himself --and you skedaddled in a hurry!


  1. Heather, two more of your gorgeous creations including family and the beautiful Oregon coast. Of all your art, I love this style the most, and I hope to live long enough to see your spreads published.

  2. I love clouds like that! I want to paint some.

  3. Beautiful. You make me want to be in there next to the water....


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