Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ooh, cool!

Pixel Canvas is down, which is why you're not seeing a lot of my links or pics, but I'm pleased I got a Gallery Standout for the Oregon layout!

And here's a fun little one from a couple of days ago:


Heather Taylor, Dapper


  1. Superbes pages, comme toujours ! Je suis en admiration.
    Tes dernières créations sont fabuleuses, j'adore ces masques et coutures !!!

  2. Hey, hey, I seen that there, and I was going nuts, cuz I wanted to share at Pixel Canvas, I was so excited for you! CONGRATS HEATHER, I am so pleased, as this is one of my fav LO's, I seen it right away! You rock! I haven't done any scrappin' in the last 2 days, lost my mojo:( well take care girl, hope to see you around in PC soon!

  3. great layouts. congrats heather on gallery standout

  4. Left a message at Scrapbook Art. Love the layout! It's so Oregon!

  5. omgosh, I just love how you work. Simply LOVE IT.

  6. OMG - these are such wonderful layouts!! I'm glad I visited your blog - pixel canvas seems to be down a lot! Love, love them!! Julie (aka MaggieMae)


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