Friday, January 29, 2010

A Truckload of Layouts

For the Friday Lift challenge @ Pixel Canvas from Romy's gorgeous and funny page, Sitting Tight. This is precious little nephew Erik, and let me tell you, he doesn't sit still often!

Everything mine @ Pixel Canvas. Background paper from Industrious (Remix), bottom swirl & brown paper from Nautica, swirl behind the frame & feather from Delicacies, and patterned paper from Tangled Twirls. Font: XBand Rough.


After I finished uploading the layout, I realized these shots were SOOC (straight out of the camera)--guess my new camera is working ok, eh? Gotta love that "auto" setting... *rolls eyes at self*

Everything from Pixel Canvas. Background from ScrapOriginals, This Year. Masks for both pictures from Vinnie Pearce's new Photo Texture Masks 2. Stitching & silver flower from Little Fireman; blue flower from School Days. Font: Handscript Upright. "You, and I, the ocean, the sun: a perfect day."
Everything by Vinnie Pearce @ Pixel Canvas. Template is from the new Give Me Simple Templates 06. Background is a blend of a paper from the Grunge Plaid paper pack and Art Corner 3 papers; I used several more of those for the other 2 blocks and the leaf. Fonts: Architecture & Loved by the King. "Nature embraces us at all times--We have but to open our eyes to it."

Everything mine from Pixel Canvas. Frame from Framed 2, all the rest from Darling. Font: Minya Nouvelle.
Everything from my new kit Darling @ Pixel Canvas. My honey and I!
Have a great day!


  1. Great layouts heather!! stop by when you a sec from all the creativity.

  2. Beautiful layouts as always! Your little nephew is a cutie too!!! Love the Val layout with you and your Honey! You are always showing off Allen -- nice to see your face in the mix!!!!

  3. Great layouts, and nice to see you and yours... Allen has really grown up (just shows how often I get to blog surf). I was coming over to get your email addy, my last email bounced back. It was nothing important though :)
    I looooove the sea picture!!!

  4. Beautiful blog, have a nice day Radka.


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