Sunday, October 30, 2011

November is going to be a ROCKING month!

In digital scrapbooking terms, at least... sorry about all the snow for you folks out East! We just have gray and drizzly today.

My "office" window view:

Though we still do have some flowers, if you look hard enough (climbing on the tree is a hydrangea vine; that's kablooey for the season, but right beneath it is a cousin, and it still has some blooms):

Freshly laundered Tycho doggie (bad pic, sorry--wrong light meter):


November 5th is International Digital Scrapbooking Day (iDSD). There are a GAZILLION things going on at MScraps that day, including my Speed Scrap at 2pm PST. There are random designer coupons given away for participating in each challenge, and you get to count the challenge points towards your $10 gift certificate, too (20 points = $10.00)!

Because of iDSD, there will be an MScraps Facebook/Blog hop, starting on the 4th of November. If you collect all the pieces, you get a massive, beautiful kit.

Additionally, there are sales GALORE this month!

- 30% off any purchase Nov. 1-30. PLUS, for any $10+ purchase, you get our free November collab, November Rain (and it's a beauty!).
- 50% off all Retiring Soon products (a bunch of my kits are in there!)
- And then there's a MEGA-sale on Black Friday!

I'm not even sure I can keep up... =) So see you there!


  1. I've said it before: your garden is so beautifully lush and mysterious!!

  2. ...nice view from your window Heather; great scrapbook page your 'party'; have fun!

  3. woo, crazy! and here the sun is shinning like crazy! 8)

    I love your pup! Ours is in desperate need of a bath lol :p


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