Thursday, November 24, 2011

Newness and Goodies on Thanksgiving!

Hi everybody! What a great day it is here--wild, wet, seagulls hunkering down in the grass facing south, waves crashing and blowing in the wind--just the perfect winter storm day. Plus, we have power still! *lol*

And at MScraps, much newness! I have a couple of sets (by request) of very basic shape templates. Clippers 1 is full (30 items!) of curves and swirls that you can use to clip papers for your backgrounds. Clippers 2 is a set of border templates that you can use with styles or papers to make your own. Ricrac? Butterflies? Scallops? All yours with a little embellishment! Here's what they look like:

By Karen:

By Jenny:

By Sandrine:

And by Julie:

So head on over for Clippers 1 & 2 -- they're going to be useful over and over and over again! And of course they're on sale for the weekend!

What's that you say? What about the giveaway? Ohhh... that's the next post... ;)

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