Thursday, February 2, 2012

Random Photos from Today

It was beautiful out today--so different from stormy days...

Allen walking the dog:

And I found this amazing bokeh completely by surprise:

What a festival of lights, eh? Those orange and white spots in the background are from a climbing hydrangea behind this bush, that had little, dried, orange leaves that were catching the afternoon sun just right... I tried it in black and white, too:

Hope you had some spots of beauty in your day as well! =)


  1. nice pic your Allen walking the dog; climbing hydrangea is new to me, and a fabulous bokeh. Had you used special settings to achieve that?

  2. OH MY Goodness Heather, that 2nd photo is amazing, incredible, gorgeous, stunning. All of the above. Wow woman, just wow! (All of the photos are wonderful of course!)

  3. I love how you process your pic, share your secret, woman (...please?).

    I love how you capture tiny moments of life, which, in the end, are the most meaningful. You're doing a beautiful thing for your family :)

  4. Wonderful shots, Heather. Looks like Allen has Tyco well in control on their walks.

    I foresee you as a professional photographer in the near future. Your photos are stunning.

  5. OMGoodness, Heather! These are awesome!! I know you can add bokah brushes but can you actually photograph them?!!! Julie

  6. Your photos are wonderful! What camera brand and model did you use for taking these photos?

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Heather you are so talented. sigh.

    That first photo is so sweet - innocent, pure, just so very lovely!

  8. Oh!!! That flower and bokeh combo is amazing!!! :)

  9. amazing light quality. stunning. you should displaynthis in a backlit frame. stunning!


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