Thursday, April 12, 2012

Art Journal Bits

Not sure why, but I've been really inspired to do a lot of art journaling supplies recently. This week I have some way cool Jagged Frames, some Jags & Tags (ripped edge tags and some cardboard), Painted Papers, and some very awesome Scribbles that look exactly as if you'd done it yourself on the page.

Here are various layouts that use one or more of these elements:

By Jen:

 By Lisa:

By Julie:

By LiLi (with Little Bits):

By Romy (with Making Up):

By Romy again, with just the Jags & Tags, Painted Papers, and Jagged Frames:

By Jen, with Painted Papers & Just Because:

I hope you have a lovely weekend--I'm hoping to catch a bit of sun between the "chance of showers" then "chance of rain"... ;)

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