Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Photos

Whoops! apparently this didn't get published the other day... Gerdemann Botanic Preserve, Sea Lion Caves, and Yachats River Beach... I can't remember most of the flowers' names, however--sorry!

Firecracker Flower

Bell Magnolia

Flowering Ileria

Fire Poker flower

Squirrel amongst the salal at the Sea Lion Caves

Stellar Sea Lion Bull monitoring the return of a female (the wet one in front)

 Same bull with a different female

Another one posturing

 Stellar Sea Lions hauled out along the rocky shoreline--this is one of their breeding and birthing spots

 Spot the pup nursing?

Female returning to the rocks

Low tide


  1. These photos are absolutely beautiful! As a garden/animal/nature lover who feels most at home on the coast I´d be hard pressed to decide which one I like best.

  2. Squirrel!
    I remember the only time we have visited the states, in 1997, squirrels were a big deal for us, we don't have such critters here. Though once we found an owl sleeping in a tree in our backyard, lol :)

    Lovely shots as always, Heather~

  3. Great photography work Heather !!! Love your squirrel !


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