Thursday, October 17, 2013



Hi everybody--

I've got a special thingie going on this week! I have a personal-use 20 image pack (.png files), and a commercial use 3-pack that contains .png, .psd (smart objects), .eps (completely scaleable vectors), and an .abr pack for each--27 images in all. I've called the collection 'Ween!

Personal 'Ween:

Commercial Use 'Ween 1:

Commercial Use 'Ween 2:

Commercial Use 'Ween 3:

You can make so much fun stuff with these!

By Fu-Mom:

By Jo-Anne:

By Jen:

By Vera:

By Astrid:

And by me, even:

All the 'Ween packs are off 20% this weekend only--hope you have a great one, by the way!

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