Friday, June 20, 2014

Wherein We Find That Productivity Overdrive Has Its Costs

So, I had a heart attack last week. No kidding. Apparently it's congenital--one of the vessels supplying the heart, the bottom part of it, is teensy weensy in one portion, and that go kind of blocked, or almost blocked, and a tiny portion of the heart muscle was affected. And on the way to the hospital in the ambulance we found out that morphine makes my throat swell up, too. Sure was an adventurous day!! =)

However, except for reaching my fatigue limit a heck of a lot faster, I seem to be doing just fine. So, one day at a time, shooting for many more of them! Happily, school is now out, so I can do art besides the graphic design, and I'm even hoping for more jewelry ventures soon, too!

This was my little art journal contribution for Week 15 that I just finished tonight (yes, I'm a wee bit behind):

And, I finally finished a new kit that I started *before* the heart attack: Chance of Thunder! It's a great kit for storms, either the kind in the sky, or the kind in the heart.

The CT made some super-fun pages, too!
By Caroline:

By Cecilia:

 By Jenny:

 By Julie:

 And by Marianne:

I'm looking forward to sharing more playtime with you soon--hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness, sweetie! That must have been terrifying! Can I just suggest that you make sure you're getting your coq10 (or ubiquinol, better yet) as well as K1 and magnesium? The coq10 helps with cellular energy, especially if they put you on a statin (which has shown no benefit for women, unless you count increased incidence of diabetes as a benefit). The magnesium helps control your heart rhythm and also helps compete with calcium so that calcium doesn't collect in tissues--you can use epsom salts in a bath rather than oral supplements to avoid it having a laxative effect. (Magnesium is just as important to bone health as calcium.) The K1 (best taken with D and A), helps remove calcium already in tissues and deposit it into bone where it belongs.

    If you are on a statin, less can be more, as the package insert may even show if it has a chart. Lower dosages have way less side effects and almost as much cholesterol reduction, without reducing the good cholesterol. Cholesterol builds up from chronic inflammation, which is most likely from fluctuating blood sugar levels, which is most likely from consuming carbs. (So avoid carbs except fresh fruit and veggies.) (This is not medical advice, just general health tips I've found over the years--check with your doctor.)


  2. Thanks for all the good tips! The heart thing is a congenital deformity, previously unsuspected, but good eating is never a fail. =)


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