Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Well. Some Updates.

This blog has gotten ridiculously lagged!!! Everything seems to happen on Facebook these days...

Anyway, MScraps is closing their doors on November 15th. I'm very sad--it's been a wonderful few years, and I have made some excellent friends there. But life rolls on, and I'm rolling over to... Oscraps! (Not sure what happened to Nscraps. [joke] ;) ) So...


And you'll notice... new logo! Made with my very own Sunshine Poppy font, and KG's Skinny Latte for the tag. Heh. =)

The next few days are going to be the best days ALL YEAR LONG to get my products. MScraps is having a huge iDSD sale, with $1 flash sales--this will include personal, and commercial use products. I will bring my retired products back at their hyper-reduced price for the length of the week, and at OScraps, the buy 1, get one free sale. So get your pennies ready!!!

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