Saturday, March 29, 2008

And an Actual Post on Stamping (Don't All Faint, Now!)

Candice of Art Neko has recently acquired some designs from another designer/store who's decided to retire, and asked me to make some samples. There are some quite cute ones in there! Here are a couple with an Asian theme (a lot of these stamps are also non-Asian):

Heather Taylor, White Egrets

And the second:

Heather Taylor, Spring Is Still Cold

On both these I was trying out my new Moonglow Stains and Spritzes, which I got at the stamp show the other weekend, at a booth run by "Lindy's Stamp Gang". While the stains looked good on the samples, I've been really disappointed with them on my samples--the main color, when looked at straight on, is very washed out and actually not super-pleasant. The mica glow when you move the paper side to side is quite nice, but really, who does that except perhaps on a card, the first time you get it? Certainly if it's a piece that hangs on a wall, you're almost never going to benefit from that reflection.

The stains, on the other hand, are super-saturated with color and I adore them. =) They also have a nice little shimmer, too!

The background on the 2nd piece was made according to a technique I recently learned from Ruth C. on the OSA group, called Cheesecloth Backgrounds. I adapted it (not having any cheesecloth) by dabbing the stains over a small piece of burlap which I moved around on the semi-gloss paper until it was covered. Then I also experimented with brayering the saturated burlap, and it left a really nice pattern plus a lot of stray fibers which left cool marks (and which I brushed off when it was dry).

I love that little brazier stamp! You can't see it in the scan too well, but I carefully embossed the brazier itself in black, then the coals in red, and the steam in gold... Fun!


  1. I *heart* the first one, so full of color! I love cranes :)

  2. I agree, that first one is fabulous. I'm such a magpie, always drawn to the shimmer ;)


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