Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Little Bits for Today

A layout (Allen usually still drinks from a sippy cup, and doesn't quite have his straw skills down yet):

Heather Taylor, That Straw Drinking Thing

Love those popping papers by Anna Aspnes, and the doodled borders by Jesse Ewards, and the awesome nautical frames by Mary Ann Wise--I'm sure I'll use those over and over again, considering where we live! All Designer Digitals, of course... =)

And my sketchbook:

Heather Taylor, 21-Day Challenge, Day 5

After being so tired and really dragging my feet on Day 4, I was surprised to find myself pumped for Day 5! Even planned part of my afternoon to being able to take advantage of DS playing in the sand to draw. As it turned out, he fell asleep on the way, and then woke up right as I was getting into it--and proceeded to have his usual post-nap cranky fit, so that was that. It looked pretty flimsy when I got back home tonight, so I added color with ArtRage (the underlayer is the original pencil, or charcoal for the head sketch [where the latter came from is a mystery to me--I certainly wasn't drawing from real life on that one]). So, not exactly as I'd planned, but still lots of fun! I really do miss the more stark lines of pen, and really missed color--I hope my new watercolor pencils get here soooooon!

PS -- I'm aware that I have lame drawing skills, so I'm feeling like I'm going out on a limb here. Thank you for your indulgence, and I'm glad I have a computer. =)

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  1. Heather-I left feedback at 2 peas, but also wanted to visit here and tell you I like your sketches! (ok, I'm also wishing I had your talent!)
    Good luck with the challenge. btw your layouts are gorgeous, too!


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