Monday, March 17, 2008

Round 3 is up!

Ack, I don't know why, but I'm having a serious case of nerves on this one. I know I can still design without winning this, but I'm really finding use in the instruction, which is teaching me stuff that I never knew...

Anyway, here's the preview. I'm guessing the people to advance to the next round will be notified tomorrow evening, and the elements will be available for download on Thursday... [ETA: Dang, they removed it because we were cut. *sigh*]

And here's a link to the days 15 & 16 of the challenge, which I accomplished despite being gone this weekend.

Heather Taylor, 21-Day Challenge: Days 15 & 16

I had a great time hanging around with Candice, and really enjoyed interacting with the customers and fellow stampers! Here's a picture of Candice and her "booth"...

Candice Jordan of Art Neko Stamps and Art Neko Booth

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  1. I particularly like the little screaming head in the lower right corner of your sketch journal page---this about sums up how I felt today at work! Might have to print it out to put on my bulletin board at work!


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