Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Ah well. Disappointment, of course, but at least life will return to normal! I look forward to receiving a private critique and figuring out what I can improve...


  1. Hi, Heather -

    So yeah, not making the cut isn't the most fun thing, but you did put your self out there, and you came up with some great work. And you're still an amazing scrapper (in a number of senses). Not to mention your gorgeous stamp work.

    So you go, Girl!! Proud to "know" you!

    Mary Ann

  2. Next year! Good for accomplishing all that you have, I'm proud!

  3. They must be CRAZY! Kudos to you for challenging yourself and sharing the process with us.

  4. Hi heather, just came from LDD looking for your stuff so i could leave you love... :( so sorry to hear, but you know that you are amazing and awesome, and being cut doesn't change that one little bit. :) just means there's more and better stuff waiting for you out there. (((hugs)))


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