Monday, March 3, 2008


Yeesh, way too much time at the computer today. Wanted to make another, better, layout for the DD CT challenge (I really want to make that team!! I revere the designers there...), so did that. Wanted to make an all 2Peas layout, because I revere their designers too, and I love that I can get coupons to buy stuff! And, I wanted to make a layout with my own kit, so people could see how to use it. I'm on the total low end of comments, depite Julie K.'s EXTRAVAGANT pimping. That woman. ;) I actually really like the frame I made with the 4 vellum panels--it made Allen look even cuter, if possible... =)

So, for Designer Digitals (please click on all images for the credits):

Heather Taylor, Little Boy Blue

And for 2Peas:

Heather Taylor, Playdate

And finally, with my own kit:

Heather Taylor, Transparency of Time

Hopefully my digital "duties" for this week won't be so time-consuming... but the 2nd round of apprentice requirements has been posted, and wow! Should be fun!

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  1. I, for one, loved your kit. I went to the site and registered to see it. Of course, I downloaded it to do so! I don't do Digiart or scrap, so don't know what to do with it yet. Office Depot will be might next stop, I think! I like your example tonight with what you did with your kit.


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