Monday, December 24, 2007

And Why Not?

I think it'll be good to have an "art" blog, actually, so I can talk about everything I do with stamps, cards, and digital scrapbooking and without boring my family to death with extraneous details. They only care about the pics, of course!

I started this blog on 2Peas, but they don't have enough functionality, so I'll continue it here.

So, as an intro, here are the latest things I've been doing:

1. The latest 2 half-sheets for are floral--one half focuses on ginkgos, the other more general Japanese floral images, including one of my favorites, a very cool maple leaf:

Heather Taylor - Taylored Stamps from Art Neko

2. I'm also on the design team for Far Flung Craft, and made some stuff featuring their new scrapbooking papers. Here's one of them (stamp is also from Art Neko):

Heather Taylor - Stamp: Taylored Stamps at Art Neko, Paper: Far Flung Craft

And one of the scrapbooking layouts I like the most... I've just lost, because my external hard drive (EHD) just crashed and burned, irretrievably, it seems. It's a good thing I backed up all my stuff on (be warned, that took a week and a half!, but it ran as I was working), though I hadn't backed up for about 3 days before the crash. Wah. Here's the layout:

Heather Taylor, Dusk

Thanks for stopping by!

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