Monday, December 24, 2007

Designing Rubber Stamps

(Well, how I do it, anyways...)

Wow. 15 hours of work today, slaving over a hot computer (that I had to reboot several times just to purge the memory and get going again). 15 hours of eyes inches from the screen, tracing lines, tweaking anchor points, putting on final curlicues. It's usually easy to get going because I'll have 3 or 4 large images in mind, but then I have to arrange them in theme and fit them on half-sheets, and trying to fill in the littler spots is a pain! I'm beat! Here's a sneak preview of one of them:

This is based on one of Hokusai's dragons--in Japan, most of the dragons are associated with water and rain, and are often pictured as emerging from dark clouds. They look big and ferocious, but they're really gentle... Anyways, hopefully Candice, the owner of Art Neko, will ok the sheet and it'll be for sale sometime in January!

I hope everybody's preparations for the holidays are proceeding smoothly--I'm really quite grateful that I didn't have to go out shopping this weekend. Don't think I could have stood the crowds!

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