Sunday, March 2, 2008

21-Day Challenge, Day 2 (and a Card)

So, after feeling like a dunce subsequent to a discussion on Designer Digitals about where and how people organize their ideas (yikes, organized ideas?? What a concept!), I thought perhaps I should use this challenge to start keeping some ideas myself, and combining it with the back-to-drawing thing... I'm only showing one page out of 3, but in this one I was looking at Urban Baby Runway and seeing how many ideas I could come up with for digital stuff from just their front page. Turns out, quite a few! Just by drawing their design elements I became more comfortable with translating the concepts--that was cool to see. Dunno whether I can incorporate some of this into the next round of the Little Dreamer Designs apprenticeship competition, or if I'll just have to make it up and use it myself on a layout... =)

Heather Taylor, 21-Day Challenge Day 2

I felt like an idiot not having a journal or system to keep my ideas, but then I realized that I do--I have a whole folder labeled ideas! Mostly, though, I see something then it percolates and bubbles and ferments all by itself, and suddenly makes itself known, usually right before I fall asleep--then that's the first thing I work on in the morning. In my environment I just don't have a whole lot of stimulation besides nature, and I guess I need to sit down with my journal one afternoon while Allen's playing at the beach, and go through the same process--find as many design elements as possible! Sounds fun, eh?

On the card-making front, I finally got one out today to satisfy a mingle I'd signed up for, using an Asian playing card. This one uses one of my stamps from Art Neko, as well as a sheet of yuzen washi from there, and a little tiny fishie charm from Far Flung Craft (whose design team I'm on as well--oops, forgot to mention that on the LDD application =/ ) that I recolored from silver to black with Ranger Alcohol Ink. The gold cardstock base is kind of a funky, rippled metallic gold lame that I found at the California Paper Goods Company, my favoritest of all paper supply stores for cardstock (plus, they have these amazing monthly auctions where you can get pre-cut cardstock and cards at amazing prices, as well as some good deals on hand-made paper). Oh, and I forgot to mention, the fish is painted with red alcohol ink after being stamped and embossed.

Heather Taylor, Playing Card Fish

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  1. ooh, love the bright colored card, and how the paper goes with the fish/sea theme (even if it's not blue, LOL).

    And I have to agree, that site does look like it was mde by Rhonna Farrer, so grungy! :)


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