Friday, April 4, 2008


Looking for my name... do you *know* just how many Heather Taylor's, Heather T.'s, etc. there are out there? Not to mention the Heather T's in medium, large, and extra-large... *sigh*

Of course, there were all of Julie K's pretties (here's one:)

Anyway, found Scrappassie in the Netherlands, and Brigitte van Tienhoven who used the Clearly Cinnamon freebie:

Another use of the frame by LyndaMarie:

I just love how that frame comes out over a photo!

Oh, and here's one with the less distinctive paper by Terri over at Jessica Sprague's site:

Hmm. That took a phenomenal amount of time. Heh. Hey, if you use my stuff, how 'bout leaving a link in the comments? Sure would save me some time. =)

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  1. Your digipaper designs are lovely. I just have to learn how to use them!

    Thanks for sharing...


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