Saturday, August 23, 2008


A layout to go with the freebie...

Heather Taylor, Ephemeral

Another wistful, melancholy one, I'm afraid: Allen climbing on Andrew's playset...

Credits: Papers, frame from my freebie mini-kit Mediterraneo; dots under the journaling and mask from my freebie DSO-Graffito kit. I also used 4 masks of Anna Aspnes (Designer Digitals, FloralArt 2 & 4). Fonts: Porcelain, Inked God, and Loved By The King. Journaling reads:

"ephemeral, these days
these days of sun and play
of endless talk and questions
these days of cautious experiments

today I see you; tomorrow I will see
only what I have chosen to keep
and I never know if my eyes
have been discerning enough

always time and fact slip away
and memories shine on
with the power of love

who can tell which is more true?"


  1. Hi Heather!
    Wow, you've been busy since I was last able to come spend some time here! I'm sorry the last few weeks weren't of the "best" kind...
    I can empathise with colds and flus here... blerch.
    Let's hope "good" finds us both soon!!!
    xox you talented you!


  2. Sniff, sniff, very fitting journalling... Jaylene starts gr. 1 next monday... not a baby girl anymore :(

  3. Love that you are showing us your journaling with your fab layouts... they are equally lovely. From some of your descriptions of what you did, I think this digi scrappin stuff may be a wee bit tedious for impatient me! I'll just keep enjoying your fantastic work!


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