Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just Playing Around: Ray Paper At Work

I had fun creating all the cute little elements (that owl cracks me up!), and then didn't know what to do with it all--but the ray paper really worked here! Man, that extraction of Allen took me forever--look at all the little places between the spokes of the wheel, both on the tricycle, and then in the shadow! Yeesh!

Credits: Everything mine (ray paper is Little Boy Rays from the Rays paper pack freebie), except for the little heart flair (pin), which is by Denise Liemert (Sunshine Studio Scraps, Mango Tango Freebie Kit). Font: Soupertrouper.

Heather Taylor, There He Goes


  1. I already told you how much I like this. It is funny and really cute, love the perspective!

  2. This is really really cute. And that extraction! You're braver than I. And obviously have a lot more patience than I. I would have given up and then just blended it in!

  3. Very cute! Don't know how involved the extraction really is.... but I know I couldn't do it!


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