Monday, December 15, 2008

Catching Up On Layouts & Stamps

I have recently just discovered K'Lynn of Black Dog Designs and her magnificent layouts through the Gallery Standouts. I'm mesmerized by her multi-layered artwork, the way she sees detail and the way she can extrapolate an item from a kit and make it really work in an entirely different context. I'm also a touch in awe of her technical skills, too. =)

Being the sponge that I am, of course echoes of her work are going to filter through my stuff for a while... certainly in this first layout. There's a bit of Vinnie Pearce in there too, of course, but man, I need to get some more skills into my tired fingers...

I've been sitting on a kit of mine, Rain, for some time now. I keep on vacillating between artsy and more child-oriented, so of course nothing's coming together real well, but I'm building bits of it here and there. I've used some of that stuff in the following layout, as well as 2 papers from Paired Paper Pack at Get Digi With It. Fonts: Typewrong and Soul Mission. Journaling reads: Sometimes the only place you won't get tossed about is inside your head."

Safe From The Storm, Heather Taylor

I also wanted to get some more CT work done before the rush of the holidays. I made one with some Vinnie Pearce stuff that's not coming out till January so I can't show it to you, but I made another with some of her awesome templates at CatScrap. A child's ability to brush away the cobwebs of adulthood is amazing and humbling:

Heather Taylor, You Can See

Credits: All Vinnie Pearce at CatScrap. Give Me Simple Template Pack No. 2. Papers from Moments of Special, New, and Typography Corner pack No. 1. Little red heart from I Live For, globe from Playing in the Snow, and pearls from Naturals. Font: Prestige Elite Std. Journaling reads: "you take things at face value -- your innocence sees so clearly."

I did some with 3 Pixel Chicks stuff:

Heather Taylor, What Happiness Looks Like

(Credits: Everything by 3 Pixel Chicks, Together Kit, with a little touch of Centure Gothic for the date.

I also did another for Sande Krieger at 2 Peas. She really has a huge selection, and since I got it all at once, it's all new and shiny for me. There is also rather little bundled as a kit--much of her work is in series (a whole bunch of frames, a whole bunch of tags, a whole bunch of papers, etc.), so you get to pick and choose a lot... Her little kit of houses called Home Is Where The Heart Is really inspired me on this one!

Heather Taylor, When You Are 5

I also did one with my own kit, Merry Christmas:

Heather Taylor, Merry Little Christmas

And finally, in other news, I've finished a new stamp plate for Art Neko. Unfortunately, Candice (the owner of the store) feels that business has been too slow to produce a new plate at this time, but I hope it will get out there eventually! Here's a little preview (just a bit from the center--you can't see everything!)...

Heather Taylor, Taylored Stamps for Art Neko

I hope you have a great week!


  1. Oh la la have done it again.

  2. Vraiment magnifiques ces pages surtout la première que j'adore. Mais en fait je suis une grande fan de tout ce que tu fais.

  3. Heather, I love Blackdog designs too! very refreshing to see isn't it. I also LOVE that page you did with your son on the bike! I love the whimsy and primary colours used. Fantastic!

    Great to see you still creating despite whats happening around you.



  4. Wow, so great Layouts! Wonderful!

  5. I adore your tree layout! I have plans to make a hybrid stacking tree and decorate it with ornaments of our Canadian family this weekend.

  6. Blackdog page is very cool.
    And the "5" page---adorable and cute.
    gotta go back and look for the bows....

  7. I love your layouts! What a great blog you have!

  8. I just discovered your blog. I love your work. I am inspired by your poetry. It feels like you're writing them just for me. Thank you for the several things that I was able to download and thank you for inspiring me.


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