Thursday, January 14, 2010

Frames & Grunge: New @ Pixel Canvas!

Frames! Bent, shadowed, big, small--fun to play with! Framed 1 @ Pixel Canvas:

And Industrious (Remix)--full of cool embellishments, its very own font, tons of textures, and lots of large brushes (and a seriously fun overlay that just wouldn't fit in the preview):

The kit is on sale till Saturday, too!


  1. woah, everything looks so cool! I specially like the second kit (I'm for all things grungy :)

  2. Way cool kit, and those frames look amazing! :)

  3. love the look of this kit!!! that vintagy grungy thing is just me!!! will have to pick this one up!!!

  4. Ce kit est géant... je sens que la CB va encore être maltraitée lol
    Quel talent !


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