Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Blues @ The DigiChick!

It's supposed to hit the 80's this weekend here--a real disaster for me! *laugh* Yes, if it's above 75 or so, I'm Ms. Miz. No heat genes in me whatsoever. Good thing I live where I do the rest of the year, eh?

So, I'll just have to plunge into the refreshing blues of this Summer kit!




I even made a layout:

And so did my wonderful crew:

Jen (hope Ethan's arm is healing, poor guy!): 


I also love this card that Linda (on the DigiChick crew) made:

and I'm honored that Vivie (of ViVa Artistry) made a beautiful creation with the kit as well:

And of course, it's 20% off through Sunday! Have a great weekend y'all! =)


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