Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wherein my ignorance of math shows its true colors...

Cuz, as somebody gently pointed out, when the thingy goes this way: < that means that the number on the left is SMALLER, ms. dingdong heather. *lol*
So if anybody intelligent was wondering why the heck my freebie kit is called Greater Than Three, it's because, uh, I live in a reversible world?



  1. I too have the very same ignorance. It went right past me and I suspect we aren't alone. :-)

  2. LOL, I never can keep those straight either! I picture an imaginary circle around it and so then that reverses which slice of pie is bigger. Thinking too hard, I guess! ;)

  3. There's an album called "Less than Art," where the cover art is a burned-out Kmart sign with only the < part of the K and the "art" showing.

  4. I didn't see anything wrong!! In fact, I thought it meant greater than, too! LOL What is we're right?!!!! LOL


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