Thursday, August 18, 2011

Winding Down (20% off @ MScraps!)

Well, summer is winding down--only a few precious days to weave in and out of the hours as we please, instead of marching down the road of school time. I love this time of year--the leaves are just beginning to fall, it's no longer so darn hot outside, and the grasses are all a beautifully rich golden color that glows in the late afternoon sun. A little grateful, a little melancholy... all these things I tried to capture in my newest kit, Winding Down.

And oooooh la la, what wonderful layouts from the crew!

By Jenny:

By Vera:

By Lisa (with a bit of recoloring ;):

By Romy:

By France:

By Pauline:

By Aichaku:

By Linda:

There were a bunch more, too--I just can't fit them all in!

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